What's It's Like Loving You

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  • Published: 20 Jan 2018
  • Updated: 25 Jan 2018
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I did everything for you.
I thought that what we had was real.

But turns out, you were in it for something else.
Not for me.

I should've known
that you were one of those.

Guess it's all in the past.
But I'll tell you what it's like loving you.
This is a short poem for the A Valentine's Day Writing competition.
I chose to do #1


3. Musically Lies

Words just flew out of your mouth so smoothly.

Like notes on a violin, falling to the ground.
With each string being played,
notes just falling.

Like a pianist playing the piano.
It's fingers flying across the keys,
not making any mistakes.

Or an opera singer,
belching their voice.
Making sure that they hot every pitch,
and notes right.

You practiced your lies,
making sure that everything you said
was the truth.

You practiced until you even believed
your own lies.

You don't have the truth in you.
Because you practiced so much to sound so believable,
You don't even know what a lie is.


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