Dutch for English Speaking people

If you as a English Speaker wanted to learn a language? Do you ever wanted to go on vacation to the Netherlands? ( Or Belgium?) Or an other thing why you want to learn Dutch? Well then this is something for you!


2. Basics // 1

​Hi, it's me. Hans. The last lesson we had it about pronouncation. This lesson we learn vocabulary and grammar. And pronouncing this.

The extra pronounces:

​The G is a very hard G. It's like:"Ch" But a harder pronouncation.

​The Y is called:"De Griekse Y" Or "Ygrek" The first one means the Greek Y


​The Vocabulary:

​1) Jongen (Yohn-Gun) - Boy

2)Meisje (Mai-She) -Girl

​3) Vrouw(Fr-ouwh) - Woman

​4) Man(Mahn)- Man


Purals of the vocabulary:

​1) Jongens (Yohn-Gunz)

2)Vrouwen (Fr-Ouwhen)

3) Meisjes (Maihshes)


​Grammar (To be):

​Zijn (Sain)- To be

​Ik ben(Ick Bann)- I am

​Jij bent(Yai bant)- You are

​Hij/Zij is(Hai/ Zai iss)- He/She is

​Het is(Hett iss)- It is (DO NOT USE BY ANIMALS, ONLY OBJECTS)

​Wij zijn(Waj Zain)- We are

​Zij zijn(Zai zain)- They are

​U bent(Uuh bennt)- You are(formal)

​Jullie zijn(Jully zain)- You are(More people)





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