Dutch for English Speaking people

If you as a English Speaker wanted to learn a language? Do you ever wanted to go on vacation to the Netherlands? ( Or Belgium?) Or an other thing why you want to learn Dutch? Well then this is something for you!


1. 1: The vowels

Hi there, I'm your host. Hans Overvlakkee.(Thats not my name Xd) Nice to meet you. I gonna learn you Dutch. Today we gonna learn the vowels. In the Dutch language the vowels are pretty much the same as in English, but there's one problem. The pronouncation. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


​A- This is the vowel A. You can pronounce it as:"Ah" if you have double a's you get:"aah"

​I - This vowel is I. You can Pronounce it as:"Ih" if you have this:"ie". You pronounce it as:"ii"

​U-This vowel is U. You can pronounce it as:"Uh". If you have:"uu" You can pronounce it as:"uuh"

​E- This vowel is E. You can pronounce it as:"Eyh" If you have:"ee" You pronounce it the same.

​O- This vowel is O. You can pronounce it as:"Owh" If you have:"oo" you can pronounce it as:"Oowh"


​Special vowels: 

Oe: You pronounce it as the English oo

​Ui:You can pronounce it as "ouw"

​ij:You can pronounce it as:"aigh"

​(Ei is pronounced the same)

​Au and Ou: You pronounce it as:"Owh"


​In Dutch are vowels Klinkers



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