Coma, Amnesia , Death or Love?
It's Fate, in my words. You can't choose it, you can't change it and you can't steal it. It's unexpected , it can be unreal but, it's still fate.


1. Hospital patient

We were siting in the hospital, Annalise had just been admitted into the recovery section. She was still In a coma, but her parents had finally arrived.They hadn't asked me to explain what happened but I felt an urge to explain and clear things up. I knew when they'd ask Casper what happened but he'd lie, it's just what he does.So I decided to straight up explain. We were rock climbing, Casper had challenged us to no ropes and no helmets I thought it was a stupid idea, but Anna can never put down a challenge. So they started, Anna was ahead of Casper ,but then he did the impossible he pushed her of the rocks. Like I side before, no ropes + no helmet = stupid idea. Casper and I jumped down to see if Anna was okay. Her eyes wouldn't open, she wasn't moving,. I used my cell to call 911,five minutes later the ambulance arived, they used a stretcher to load her into the back of the truck. After I gave Anna's parents numbers to the paramedics, Casper and I jumped inside the back of the truck it started to drive.15 minutes later we arrived.

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