Bored? Want to learn a new language? Welcome!

I-born in Holland and speak English and Dutch fluent- will teach you the basics of the Dutch language..


3. The goodbye's // Basics 2

The goodbye's in Dutch are nearly always the same. They can variate tho, but that is streettalk.


If you say goodbye to a stranger/not really a well known person just say :"have a nice day!"

Fijne dag nog! *Wave*


If you say goodbye to a friend just say: " Bye!"

1. Dag!

2. Doei!


If you will see them later, say :" See you later!"

1. Tot zo!

2. Ik zie je- (unformal) u -(formal) later.


If you talk to someone for the first time say:"It was nice to meet you/ talk to you. See you next time!"

Aangenaam kennis te maken. Tot de volgende keer.


Chapter test

You are saying goodbye to someone you will see later, you do not know this person very well, and want to keep it polite. What do you say?

a) Ik zie u later.

b) Dag!

c) Aangenaam kennis te maken. Tot de volgende keer.

Answer below


Answer: a

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