Just A Game: A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic

Louis Tomlinson said something wrong and management have to fix it. Meet Carla Brooks, Simon Cowell's niece and Louis Tomlinson's fake girlfriend. The catch? Carla doesn't know what happening, she doesn't know that this is all a set up and that Louis isn't that interested in her. When she finds out, is it all over or has Louis actually developed feelings for her?


10. Chapter 9


I can’t believe Simon actually admitted it! He was really annoyed that Louis hadn’t told me, he had assumed that he had and that I was ok with it, so me storming into his office was a totally shock to him.

I’m currently back at the house. I’ve sent Lucy a text to stall the boys for 2 hours so I can be packed and out of the house before they come back. I can’t stay here so Simon booked my a plane ticket back to London, hopefully by the time Louis finds out, I will be nearly in London so no one can stop me.



I was going to tell Carla about the whole fake girlfriend business tonight. I’d gone out shopping with the lads to get a promise ring for her and Lucy had come along so we could get her favourite things just incase the speech doesn’t go that well.

Arriving back to the house, I was very quiet. We walked into the living room to see the TV with the news on - the article was about the truth of me having a fake girlfriend. I was totally shocked and cringed when I saw MY schedule on the coffee table covered in tears. The boys and Lucy walked in at the moment and crumpled to the floor in a sobbing mess. I faintly heard Lucy telling the boys that Carla had left and they all turned to me and tried to comfort me. I pushed them away and ran up to Carla’s room, sure enough all her stuff was gone. I walked down the stairs to find Liam on the phone to who I assume was Simon. “ok, yeah I’ll tell him.” Liam said before hanging up the phone. I can’t believe this happened, I should have just told her the truth! I actually love her and now she is gone.

I heard Harry walk out of the room and I few seconds later I heard the printer, then Harry came back in and sat on the sofa next to me. “Here.” He said putting some paper on my lap.

I looked at it to see a plane ticket leaving in 2 hours to go to London! “Go get her Lou.” Lucy said.

I didn’t need telling twice, everyone was helping me pack and 2 hours later I was sitting on the plane after Lucy had told me the address and I was ready to get my girl back.

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