Just A Game: A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic

Louis Tomlinson said something wrong and management have to fix it. Meet Carla Brooks, Simon Cowell's niece and Louis Tomlinson's fake girlfriend. The catch? Carla doesn't know what happening, she doesn't know that this is all a set up and that Louis isn't that interested in her. When she finds out, is it all over or has Louis actually developed feelings for her?


8. Chapter 7


Carla’s POV.

Wow! So much has happened in a month! Louis and I are officially together, it’s all over the news and I’m getting hate but to be honest I don’t care.

We were at The Hunger Games premiere a few weeks ago when Louis and Niall decided to make it official with me and Lucy. We both said yes of course.

Right now, Lucy and I were backstage watching the boys being interviewed on This Morning.


The lads and I are were currently being interviewed by Holly and Phillip on This Morning. “I think what all the fans want to know is, who is still single and who is taken?” Holly said looking through the questions fans had sent in. Niall, Liam and myself all put our hands up as taken. Harry’s hand stayed down. Poor Haz. “Well we’re already met Niall’s girlfriend Lucy, but we’d really love to know more about yours Louis."

“I believe she’s here, shall we bring her out?” Phillip said. I looked to my left to see Carla walking towards us. I gulped and suddenly the piece of paper in my pocket felt very heavy.

Carla’s POV.

I was ushered from backstage and said next to Louis on the couch. I could see Lucy still backstage and see gave me thumbs up.

Holly and Phillip asked me about myself and then I answered some fan questions. After a few minutes, they got to the last question, “Will you two kiss on live TV?” I gulped and looked at Louis who surprising nodded. Our lips met and again it was magical. We pulled away and the show ended.

We were walking backstage when Simon joined us and while patting Louis on the back, said well done to him. Why didn’t he said it to me? It takes two people to make a kiss happen.

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