Just A Game: A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic

Louis Tomlinson said something wrong and management have to fix it. Meet Carla Brooks, Simon Cowell's niece and Louis Tomlinson's fake girlfriend. The catch? Carla doesn't know what happening, she doesn't know that this is all a set up and that Louis isn't that interested in her. When she finds out, is it all over or has Louis actually developed feelings for her?


7. Chapter 6

Carla’s POV.

Louis pushed open the door to my room and I gasped. My room was amazing! A double bed, a double wardrobe and a desk (photo attached).

I wondered over to the desk and squealed. Sitting there was a brand new macbook pro and an iPhone 5S! “yeah, those presents are from Simon and we have already uploaded our numbers onto the phone. Lucy has the same too” `louis said. I decided to be brave so I went up to him and kissed his check as a thank you. At the least minute he turned his face and our lips connected. It was was soft and magical. I pulled away and was about to apologise when Louis said, “I know I’ve only known you a few hours but I really like you, so will you go out with me?”

I kissed him in responce, “Does that answer your question?” Louis nodded, his eyes sparkled.

Louis left me to freshen up and this was the first time I was able to look at the schedule Simon had given me - It was very plain and had all the events on the we had to attend during the 2 months.

I heard a knock on my door and Lucy popped her head round. “Lunch is here!” I told her I’d be down in a minute and quickly sent a text to Simon saying thank you for the presents. I ran down the stairs and everyone smirked out my when I walked into the dining room, obviously Louis had told them that we were now dating. Lucy hugged me and squealed. I sat next to Louis and we intwined our hands.

While we were eating dinner, we played 20 questions - I know it’s childish. After eating dinner we went into the lounge and watched a DVD. Snuggling up to Louis, I realised how lucky I was. Spending the summer holidays with the popstar I love.

Nothing could go wrong. I didn’t know how wrong I was.

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