Just A Game: A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic

Louis Tomlinson said something wrong and management have to fix it. Meet Carla Brooks, Simon Cowell's niece and Louis Tomlinson's fake girlfriend. The catch? Carla doesn't know what happening, she doesn't know that this is all a set up and that Louis isn't that interested in her. When she finds out, is it all over or has Louis actually developed feelings for her?


5. Chapter 4

Louis’s POV.

We arrived at SYCO Entertainment and got pulled into Simon’s office to be given another talk and to run through the plan again before Carla and Lucy arrived from Manchester.

Mel pushed the door open, “Simon, they are here.” We all looked at each other and Simon smiled. “Bring them in” He told Mel. Mel went at and we all stood up, a few minutes later she entered again with two 19 year old girls behind her. “Boys, this is my sister’s daughter Carla Brooks and her best friend Lucy.” Simon said. I looked at Carla who was directly in front of me, she had long brown hair and brown eyes.

I could tell she was shocked by seeing me but I wasn’t attracted to her at all.

Lucy and Niall were practical drooling over each other. But I had no attraction what so ever to Carla and I couldn’t wait for this contract to be over.

Carla was pretty but I wouldn’t see myself with her being my actual girlfriend. Friend, yes but not girlfriend.

Simon shot me a look and I knew what I had to do. We all introduced ourselves and Simon handed Carla and Lucy their schedule for the next 2 months. Carla smiled at me and I forced a smile back.

How was I going to survive?

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