The hare Hunter

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  • Published: 20 Jan 2018
  • Updated: 20 Jan 2018
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A story about forgotten place, hares, killers, ghost, a bedlam, revenge and horror.


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   Many years ago, in a fruitless and desolated place among a grove, there were no buildings and houses, also people, but there was one thing-a bedlam. Over the years, people regularly noticed this strange place, have seen the nature around and slowly began erecting dwellings. When this area became inhabited, the citizens wanted the bedlam to be relocated. It was a very old and half-destroyed edifice, so horrendously ugly and practically useless.

Some people were even afraid to look at it. The bedlam was removed and renovated but the two mad men who were there escaped and no one could find them around. Even though, the citizens often have seen remains of eaten rabbits. Parts of the raw meat were like a magnet to homeless animals and birds. Two hundred years have passed since then and the future generations of the people who once inhabited the secluded area, continue to see remains of dead rabbits. That is why many suspected it was a work of a ghost. There was no other reasonable explanation for that. Every one from the place knew the story from their ancestors and were convinced that a fleshless creature stays behind the killing of so many rabbits around the living area. They called the ghost ''the hare-hunter''. The ghost placed the remains of the rabbits over a wooden bridge that connected the two parts of the village. But soon not just small animals were found there.

After these creepy events, people started finding hanged people, as well. None of the dead ones were local folks and this gave a comfort to the villagers for a while but they remained alert for anything that may happen.

Once, a group of teenagers decided to see if there are really hanged people on the bridge. They just couldn't believe the rumors people shared here and there and wanted to see with their own eyes what really happens in the wooden bridge.

One of the teenagers, a girl, didn't exactly go to the bridge in order to investigate along with the others what is it there, because felt afraid and remained nearby. Minutes were passing by and everything looked suspiciously quiet. The girl realized her friends didn't reply when she was calling them by names. Only a sound of shackles was being heard. The teenager girl really froze from fear and ran off immediately that wicked place. When she was running toward home, the girl couldn't stop but hearing the jangle of the shackles behind her, without seeing no man from flesh and blood next to her. Her friends were hanged on the notorious bridge. Now was her time to be eliminated.


                                                                                    . . .


Many years ago lived a family with two sons. The members of the family lived in content and love, always supporting each other. But one night thieves broke in, took them the wheat, corn and a couple of chickens. Then, poked with a hay-fork firstly the father of the boys and later crushed their mother's head with a stone. One of the sons saw the face of the man thief clearly and remembered that second he saw him before, in the neighboring village, feeding his rabbits in the yard when the boy and his father went in the woods for some dry twigs and mushrooms. It was a random eye contact which led to this horrible event. The killer had so many fluffy white rabbits the boy wondered what he will do with all of them. The animals looked so innocent and in a good shape. With their red round eyes they seemed like vampire rabbits, ready to attack in flocks.

The two sons couldn't overcome their parents' death , so they went mad from grief. So young and innocent, like those rabbits, orphans and with no future. The boys became mentally sick and were sent to the bedlam. There, they remained many years and one of them made a promise to himself:

-For the sake of my parents' memory, I will start a revenge by killing rabbits, all the rabbits I see, killing those, responsible for my tragedy and their future heirs, everyone will pay bitterly!


                                                                                      . . .


  Two centuries later, the girl who turned to be the parents' killer's granddaughter was about to pay for her ancestors' sins with her life.

Once, the house she was living in, was inhabited by the hare-hunter and only the ghost knew this house hides a secret room-a torture chamber. It was made next to the cellar, masoned with abode and clay.

The girl, frightfully squeaking, hid herself inside the cellar and locked the door. But the ghost managed to invade the cellar through the lock, pushed the little wooden door away and the invisible force dragged the girl into the secret torture chamber. It was a small square room with only one torturing device, called ''inside the rabbit hole''.

The hare-hunter designed it when he was alive and until now it was never used. The medieval-like torturing machine presents two metal discs-one up and one down, attached to a pole with a spring and a handle in the middle.

The ghost lifted the teenager in the air and spoke to her for the first time:

-You will pay off your ancestors' sins!

-No, please, let me go, whoever you are, I have done nothing!-begged the girl the hare-hunter but he showed no mercy. His family should be avenged, one way or another. Only that way, he can find solace and peace.

The invisible creature placed the girl between the two metal discs. Her head touched the one disc and her feet-the other below. Then, she was strapped by the wrists on the device. After that preparation, the hare-hunter started moving the handle clockwise and the two discs began pressuring the girl's body. The more the handle was moving, the more the girl was feeling even more growing pain in the both sides of her body, feeling like being trapped into a small rabbit hole that within seconds gets smaller and smaller. Everything was calculated by the ghost beforehand. In less than 15 minutes the girl's body was smashed-the head of the victim was dismantled into many pieces. like an overripe pumpkin and her legs escaped their usual places and were dislocated aside. The scene of torture was unbearable for the ordinary eye. The hare-hunter didn't remove the corpse from the chamber. He also didn't forget to build up the fallen wall again, this time with heavy stones,covered with clay. Now, all he wanted to eliminate the last member of the clan of those who killed his family, found a successful end and he never killed again. Not even a sweet, innocent white rabbit.


                                                                                         . . .


  A couple of years later, a group of scientists, equipped with a camera, decides to check up the eerie house, where a girl was tortured to death by a revengeful ghost. Upon their arrival, already inside, the door slams suddenly and locked itself. They climbed up the stairs to look around and heard indistinct noises. Shocked, the scientists try to get out the house, but saw by the stairs on the wall something that wasn't there five minutes ago- the sentence ''You have no business here!'', written in blood. Quickly, the group found the back exit and never dared to come back again. 

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