Chibi adventures!!

Young Kelli is going on extreme adventures with all her friends. Let’s hope she doesn’t do something too crazy........


1. Meet them all!

Kelli: hi everyone I would like you to meet my friends! 


Mikey: hi.. I am Mikey. I have cat ears and I am a boy....

delana: helwo, I am delana. I wove to eat sweets. I am a unicorn girwl.

hatashi: hi I am HATASHI! Yeah, I am cool. I am a dog boy. Woof!

kelli: now you met my friends, let’s go on adventures! We transform every time we say one word *muffles*

Mikey: Don’t do it Kelli! Or else everyone else will know!

delana: yeah don’t do dat kell kell!

Kelli: fine, I will do it when we need it. But each of us has a special word we HAVE to say to transform.

Hatashi: I will say it! Call of the wolf! * Transforms into a dog*

Kelli: me too! Bun bun boing! *turns into a bunny*.

Mikey: fine. Meow meow kitty! *turns into a cat*

Delana: otay me twurn. Cute cute unicorn! *turns into baby unicorn*

Kelli: time for adventure!

Everyone: YEAH!







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