Terror in New York A novel

Harlan Friedman is a killer. He doesn't care about human life in New York in nineteen seventy-two. When Detective Ray Carson and his partner Jennifer Kane, are on the case, they struggle to catch him before it's too late.


4. Epilogue-January 8, 1972


Harlan Friedman was breathing hard.

He took his time thinking that life was easy. 

He gripped the sharp butcher knife in his black gloved hand. He didn't want to get his DNA on  him. The NYPD were up with the 21st century technology. He saw the apartment of Sandra Klein, a Jewish sociology student. She was twenty year's old. He knocked on the front door. Sandra, who was a tall woman, gazed at the killer. She pressed the red alarm bell with her right finger. And, as it beeped loudly, Detective Ray Colson and Jennifer Kane, (and the rest of the NYPD), rushed towards the woman's apartment that was near Times Square. "POLICE! DON'T MOVE!", they yelled. Harlan Friedman dropped the butcher knife. It clanged near his boots; it fell onto the concrete. He wore a black hood. "I thought it was you", he said. He wasn't going to jail for his crimes. He took out a .9mm gun from the deep left pocket of his blue flares; he then shot himself three times. Blood spilled from his injury. And, as his body thudded to the hard ground, Detective Ray Colson and Jennifer Kane knew that he was dead. And the nightmare in New York was finally over. They made sure Sandra Klein was safe. Then, as Sandra comforted her, Doctor Jay Lowell, Jr., the forty-nine year old coroner, arrived on the scene. "Bad death", he said. He had greying black hair, blue eyes, and tall. He wore a white coat with the words: CORONER written on the right-side. He wore black flares, brown socks, and black shoes on his feet. On his left, middle, finger was a wedding ring; on his right hand was a Swiss watch that he had brought in the summer of 1966 in Zurich, Switzerland, while he was on vacation with his forty-two year old wife, Andrea, who was a dentist's assistant. She was forty-eight now. Once the body was photographed, and tagged and bagged, and yellow "CRIME SCENE​" tape was erected around the body, it was another four hours before the body was taken away to the New York Morgue.

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