Terror in New York A novel

Harlan Friedman is a killer. He doesn't care about human life in New York in nineteen seventy-two. When Detective Ray Carson and his partner Jennifer Kane, are on the case, they struggle to catch him before it's too late.


3. Dangerous times II-January 8, 1972


It happened too fast. 

The rush of the night. 

Albert Gorman looked at the paperback books the newspaper seller were selling. "Hey, Thomas. How are you doing?", he asked him. Thomas Sharpe grinned at him. "Busy, as always; busy as a bee", he answered. He watched the hippie girls smiling. The growing feminist movement always was perplexing to him. To him, women should be at home taking care of the children...and cooking dinner like in the nineteen fifties...two decades ago. But the nineteen sixties, and the early nineteen seventies, were different. Albert shook his head. "I'll buy 'Psycho​' by Robert Bloch please". Thomas nodded. "Six dollars please". Al took out six one dollar bills. He then smiled, and then headed down 131st street and 7th avenue. And headed to The Roman Gods Tavern to have breakfast.


Detective Ray Colson shook his head. 

"The killer is Harlan Friedman. His whereabouts is unknown. He is considered violent, and psychologically unstable", he said. Jennifer Kane glanced at the people in New York. They were hustling and bustling around the grimy streets; they were eager to tell people off for not being New Yorkers. Suddenly the police officers saw other cops. "Okay, I want everyone to be searching for the madman. Any questions? No. Then, let's get the bastard".

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