Devizes and The Algorithm of Forgetfulness

A short screenplay released alongside the Quantum Sweep single 'Data Leak'.
Following on from 'Devizes Season 1', Devizes has continued his search for the individual known as 'Monica'.
Meanwhile, a third party working under the employment of 'The League' have a problem that they require solving. The sort of problem that requires the input of an assassin.


2. Epilogue

It had been a slow few months. The information on the SD card contained no information that he didn’t already know, but what it didn’t contain was much more interesting.

There were no sources on Monica originating from within The League, except for ones that proved she had been assigned to Jones and Hamer by the Red Cardinal themselves.

On the disk there had been information about two people.

Two people who, until very recently had supposedly been embroiled in the North American Senate at the very highest levels.

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