Case Closed Undercover

This story follows Conan as well as other new Characters. This will contain some crossovers.


1. When In Hawaii


Jimmy Kudo/ Conan Edogawa

Rachel Moore

Richard Moore


Jr. Detective League

Amy Yoshida

Mitch Tsuburaya

George Kojima

Vi Graythorn 


High school Detective’s

Harley Hartwell

Saguru Hakuba

Masumi Sera


Police officers

Inspector Joseph Meguire

Nicholas Santos

Detective Simone

Harry Wilder

Detective Chiba

Kansuke Yamato

Yui Uehara

Taka'aki Morofushi (Komei)


Japanese intelligence agencies

Rei Furuya (Bourbon) Aka Tooru Amuro



Shuichi Akai

Jodie Starling

James Black

Andre Camel

Tobias Fornell

Anton Larkin

Enzo Masters

Lilian Jenkins



Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Timothy McGee

Ellie Bishop

Nick Torres

Leon Vance

Donald "Ducky" Mallard

Jimmy Palmer


NCIS New Orleans Office

Dwayne "King" Pride

Christopher LaSalle

Sonja Percy

Tammy Gregorio


NCIS Hawaii Office

Johnathon Moore

Kaiann Kelly

Han Chang

Luke Kingsley

Veruca Hartley AKA Harley Williams


MI6 Officers

Clayton Reeves


Five-0 Task Force

Steve McGarrett

Danny "Danno" Williams

Lou Grover

Tani Rey

Junior Reigns


Family and Friends

Hershel Agasa (Dr. Agasa)

Booker Kudo

Vivian Kudo

Eva Kadan

Subaru Okiya



The Phantom Thief Kid

Lupin The 3rd





The Black Organization






More Later on...









Chapter One

When in Hawaii

Amuro was sitting in his car talking on the phone to someone.

“You have a new task” said a voice.

“What is it?” asked Amuro.

“Others have tried and failed to do this” said the voice “You are to recruit Harley Williams to the syndicate. She has connections everywhere not only that she doesn’t seem to mind getting her hands dirty if necessary. Our research shows that her skills would be more than useful to us.”

“If others have failed to recruit her” said Amuro “what makes you think I can.”

“Ever since the last attempt when she put one of ours into a coma we’ve watched her as well as ask her friends what type of guy she goes for. She’s into detective types though they can’t have any connection to the police. They must be able to fight and be handsome with and without a shirt on. Also she likes Marilyn Manson music.”

“I may be her type” said Amuro “but if she’s already told everyone no, what more can I do?”

“Woo her” said The voice “Date her it doesn’t matter. We want her in the syndicate.”

“I’ll try my best” said Amuro “But she seems like she can see through anything I throw at her.” 

“Only you can do this” said the voice “Bourbon.”


“Conan, come on” said Rachel “Dad we’re going to miss our plane. Hurry up.”

“I’m coming” said Richard “Why do I have to go?”

“Uncle Jonathon sent us the tickets” said Rachel “You didn’t have to spend a dime. Hurry up or we’re going to miss our flight.”

“How did we get stuck with a bunch of kids” said Richard as Amy, Vi, George and Mitch walked through the door with their bags in their hands.

“Their parents paid for their tickets” said Rachel “Besides Amuro and Subaru both said they would come and help us out.”

“Their down stairs waiting for us” said Conan.

“Alright I’m coming” said Richard grabbing his bag “Do you kids have your passports?”

“Passports” said Amy.

“You need them to get into the United States” said Richard “If you don’t have them they’ll sent you right back to Japan.”

“My mom gave me this” said Amy holding out an envelope.

Richard opened it and looked at it.

“It’s your passport” said Richard “What about you guys.”

He looked at other envelopes. To his dismay all the kids were able to go. The headed downstairs Amuro and Subaru were both waiting downstairs by a long van.

“Is everyone ready?” asked Amuro.

“Yeah” said Amy, Mitch and Gorge together.

They got into the van and started singing. Vi got in after Subaru. Rachel got into the front seat Amuro got in after Conan. Vi had her hood up to where you couldn’t see her face as easily. Richard got into the driver’s seat and drove to the airport.

“I didn’t know you had a brother” said Amuro.

“Not many do” said Richard “He’s younger than me. He works for NCIS he stationed at the Hawaii office. That’s where we’re going.”

“I see” said Amuro “Is he as good of a Detective as you are?”

“I doubt it” said Richard “I’m world renowned.”

He started laughing. Conan had a weird look on his face.

‘He’s probably a lot better if he works for NCIS’ thought Conan.

After getting to the Airport everyone got out and went through security and then waited to board the plane.


“Where’s the boss” asked Luke.

“I think he’s taking some time off” said Han.

“I didn’t think he took a break” said Luke.

“It was either use his vacation days or lose them” said Kaiann tossing a bag on her desk.

“Grab your gear” said Johnathon “Dead sailor at the docks.”

“I thought you were taking time off” said Luke.

“Not until tomorrow” said Johnathon “Let’s go.”

They all left and headed to the docks. Police and people standing around the scene.

Get all of these people out of here” said Johnathon.

“We tried” said an office “the beach is nearby so it drawing a lot of attention.”

“Hello Lonni what have we got” asked Johnathon.

“He was shot at close range” said Lonni “Looks like a 9 mil. But that’s not all he was beaten badly. I’ve seen this kind of beating before.”

“Do you think this could be a part of that fight club?” asked Han.

“I don’t know” said Johnathon “It’s hard to tell anymore.”

“Find out who he is and lets get started” said Luke.

“This guy Seth Cooper” said Lonni “He’s not a sailor.”

“No but he is wanted in nine states as well as Japan and England” said Kaiann “He’s been missing for over a year now.”

“Looks like the fighting scene didn’t agree with him” said Han.

“I’ll need to complete an autopsy to find out more” said Lonni.

“We’ll let you get him out of here” said Han.

“What now?” asked Kaiann.

“Let’s talk to everyone on the beach and find out if anyone has seen him” said Han.

“Is this even our jurisdiction anymore” asked Kaiann.

“No” said a voice from behind them “It’s now Five-0.”

“Steve what do we own the pleasure” said Han.

“The dead guy offered to go undercover for us after we caught him last week” said Steve “He was going to find out where the fight was being held and then report in. He was going to give up all of the fighters in exchange for a lesser sentence.”

“Someone killed him before he got the chance” said Kaiann “Who do you think did it.”

“I don’t know” said Steve.

“Do you need a few extra eyes on this?” asked Han “We don’t mind. We were going to investigate on our own anyway.”

“Sure thing” said Steve “to be honest we’ve hit a brick wall in this.”

“How is that you guys are known for getting things done” asked Kaiann.

“Someone’s getting in our way” said Steve “This person knows how we think and stops us at every turn.”

“This person must have a lot of connections” said Han “Not just on the streets either.”

“A mole” said Kaiann.

“We’re looking into that” said Steve “Let’s compare notes.”

At Five-0 HQ

“We know some of the fighters in the club” said Jerry “This one can dish out a beating equal to ten people at once.”

“It’s a girl” said Luke.

“Harley Williams is a master of nine different types of Martial Art’s, she can speak more than five different languages. She has connections and eyes everywhere. In her first night in the fight club she put seven people in a coma it was a seven on one match they never touched her.”

“Damn” said Han “Maybe we should go talk to her.”

“We can’t” said Jerry.

“Why not?” asked Kaiann.

“She has restraining orders on every member of Five-0 and a few other law enforcement officers” said Danny “We’ve arrested her several time nothing stuck.”

“She can weasel her way out of anything” said Tani “After the last time we arrested her they Lawyer at her side got the judge to throw out the case and give out restraining orders.”

“So you can’t connect her to anything” said Johnathon.

“There’s no point trying to connect her to this crime” said Lou “She’s anti-gun. She doesn’t use them and hate anyone who does. She prefers up close and personal fist to fist combat.”

“Sounds like she’d make a grate cop” said Luke.

“She was kicked out of the academy she almost beat her opponent to death in a few hit’s” said Jerry “He was comatose for a month until he died. His family tried to sue and go after her but all ended up dead at some point. Car accidents, hostage situations stuff unrelated to her. Wo Fat killed this one before he was caught.”

“She’s not untouchable she can’t be” said Steve “we need to find her weakness and exploit it.”

“She don’t have one” said Jerry “No family, no real friends, she hangs out with a bunch of people at the beach but that’s it. She lives alone no boyfriend no nothing.”

“So we can’t use leverage” said Johnathon “Tie her to a crime any crime.”

“We can’t” said Danny “Anything law enforcement comes up with is fought continuously and with the restraining orders we aren’t allowed to investigate anything with her name connected with it. Any evidence we find they will say we planted in order to convict.”

“Damn” said Han.

“We’ll go talk to her” said Johnathon “Keep digging. Kaiann lets go.”

“I sent her address to your phone” said Jerry.

“Thanks” said Kaiann.

They drove to Harley’s house.

“Cameras are everywhere” said Kaiann.

“Not surprised” said Johnathon walking up to the door and knocking “Harley Williams NCIS We need to talk.”

No one answered.

“NCIS” said Kaiann pounding on the door “Open up Miss Williams.”

“She not home” said an elderly man with a water hose.

“Do you know where she is?” asked Johnathon.

“She spends her days at the beach” said the old man “Sometimes she don’t come home for days. She always says good morning to me when she leaves.”

“How long has it been since you’ve seen her” asked Kaiann.

“It’s been almost a week” said the old man “The last time I seen her she was kicking some guy into a red car. They were arguing about something.”

“What was it?” asked Johnathon.

“I don’t know they weren’t speaking English” said the old man “It did look like he was about to pull a gun on though. She kicked him so hard he flew backwards ten feet into his car it left a big dent in it.”

“What did she do next?” asked Kaiann.

“I think she broke his fingers” said the old man.

“You didn’t call the police” said Johnathon.

“She was defending herself” said the old man “He got up and ran the driver’s door and drove off. After that she went inside came out with a bag locked the door and I haven’t seen her since. I don’t blame her either that guy looked real shady like he has friends in high places. Everyday there’s a new car parked outside once every hour or so they’ll go and knock on the door. It doesn’t matter how many time I tell them no one’s there.”

“Thank you” said Johnathon getting out his phone “Han we need surveillance on Harleys house.”

“You got it” said Han.

He hung up.

“Let’s talk to the rest of the neighbors” he said.

“Alright” said Kaiann.

They went from house to house and spoke to everyone in sight. No one had seen her in a week.

“Any luck with Harley” asked Steve.

“They spoke to all of her neighbors and everyone they could find” said Han “No one’s seen her in a week. All say that shady people keep going to her house. Some think they’ve even broke in.”

“Where did she go?” asked Steve “People don’t just disappear. What about the people she hangs out with.”

“It’s been more than a week since they saw her they even let us search there houses” said Han.

“Someone’s got her spooked” said Steve “I’d like to know who it is and ask for tips.”

“I found her” said Jerry “Or I think so anyway. Not long after the neighbor said the incident happened Harley got on a plane headed for D.C. Now there’s no footage showing she got off there but there is of her getting off in New Orleans where there was a ten hour layover. She never got back on the plane or reentered the airport.”

“Whoever these guys are made her take off faster than possibly facing life in prison” said Han “I can call The New Orleans office and ask them to keep a look out for her.”

“Do that” said Steve “We need to find her before these guys do.”

“You got it” said Hand dialing a number on his phone.

“NCIS Agent LaSalle speaking” said a man’s voice.

“LaSalle its Han Chang from The Hawaii Office” said Han.

“Hey what’s up” said LaSalle.

“We need you to keep a look out for someone” said Han “Harley Williams she not armed but she is highly dangerous.”

“Alright send over a picture and we’ll keep a look out for her” said LaSalle.

“You got it” said Han.

“Who’s that” asked Percy.

“Hawaii office” said LaSalle touching a name on his phone “King we need to talk now it’s important. Where are you?”

“Not a good time LaSalle” said Pride.

“Two words Harley Williams” said LaSalle.

“I’ll text you my location” said Pride “Come alone.”

“You got it” said LaSalle.

“What’s going on?” asked Gregorio walking in.

“Can’t talk” said LaSalle heading out the door.

“What’s going on?” asked Gregorio again.

“I don’t know” said Percy “Have you ever heard of Harley Williams.”

“Yeah” said Gregorio “She’s every law enforcements dream. They can’t catch her and when they can nothing sticks. Lately she’s been untouchable she’s supposed to be in Hawaii.”

“I don’t think she is anymore” said Percy.

“That’s not good” said Gregorio.


LaSalle parked his truck in a motel parking lot and walked up a set of stairs and knocked on room 202.

“Christopher” said Pride opening the door enough to allow him inside and closed it quickly.”

“NCIS in Hawaii is looking for her” said LaSalle.

“Don’t worry we’re going to figure this out” said Pride.

“When will that be” asked a girl with long red hair.

“Calm down you aren’t going to be of use to anyone like this” said LaSalle.

“Christopher’s right Veruca you need to calm down and go through one thing at a time” said Pride.

“That one was going to kill me” said Veruca “The next one might do that without asking.”

“We’ll figure this out” said LaSalle “you need to go back to Hawaii and act like nothing’s wrong.”

“I get I was the logical choice for this, but that organization wasn’t part of the deal” said Veruca “They killed Shuichi without even blinking then they set his body on fire. That’s not going to be me.”

“Veruca listen to me we’re not going to let anything happen to you” said Pride “these guys want you for a reason.”

“I am not handing myself over to them” said Veruca.

She started pacing back and forth.  

“Take them down from within” said LaSalle.

“I can’t do that” said Veruca “I’m acting older than I am. I can’t do this anymore. It was only supposed to be the fight club not this.”

“Not everything goes according to plan” said Pride “This is the next guy they’re sending. He’s going to try everything in his power to get you to join.”

“They kill people” said Veruca “I don’t think I can do that without losing my mind.”

“This guy is just your type” said LaSalle looking at the picture “Usually people are looking to join them they are looking for you.”

“Shuichi was right I’m not ready for something like this” said Veruca “I’ve been Harley Williams for three years now I’ve done everything I was told to. Get in to the drug business get into gun smuggling. Smuggle antiques smuggle people, drug and anything else we tell you to. I can’t do it anymore.”

“Yes you can” said Pride.

“No I can’t I’m only twenty two” said Veruca.

“In the last three years you’ve made more connections then another agent we’ve sent in.”

“That’s because I’m smarter than those idiot’s” said Veruca “Child prodigy don’t you know. I am not leaving this room until I can disappear forever.”

“You really think you can take on another identity?” asked Pride.

“Why not” said Veruca “I’ve been Harley for so long I can barely remember I’m Veruca. Becoming someone else should be easy. My grandfather must be worried out of his mind about me. You won’t even let me see him.”

“He knows you’re undercover” said LaSalle “He knows you’re alright.”

“You trained your whole life for this” said Pride “Are you really going to throw it all away just like that?”

“No I trained to be an NCIS Agent not this” said Veruca.

“Sometimes you have to go undercover” said Pride.

“This is worse” said Veruca.

“You been looking for your brothers killer ever since he died right” said LaSalle.

“What does he have to do with this?” asked Veruca.

“All you’ve been able to find out is that a crime Syndicate killed him one that works with upmost secrecy” said Pride “This one everyone heard of but at the same time no one has. Your brother joined one got in to deep, tried to get out the next day he was dead.”

“Veruca this could be your chance to find who killed him” said LaSalle “If it was me and my brother I wouldn’t hesitate for a second let alone be hiding in a hotel room.”

“You’re not me” said Veruca “Do you have any idea what I’ve had to do to get this far.”

“I can only imagine” said Pride “Everything you’ve done gets you one step closer to the goal you set for yourself. You told me that goal was to find your brothers killer and returned the favor. This could be your only chance to do it.”

“Veruca I’m not saying you shouldn’t be afraid” said LaSalle “You can be beyond terrified. But I’ve never seen you run away from anything. You ran full force into fire because you heard a child screaming. You saved that child. The gun fight you were in before you went under cover. You were the only one who ran towards the bullets you took out the leader. That was you. Your still that girl I know she’s in there somewhere. Let me know when you find her. Causer that’s the girl I want to be talking to right now.”

“We’ll give you time to decide” said Pride “We’ve been asked to go to Hawaii to assist with another case. Are you going to be on that plane or are you going to keep hiding in here. There no record of you in The NCIS database you’ve been erased from everything no one would ever know you’ve made your cover rock solid. The rest is up to you.”

They left.

Veruca opened her suitcase pulled out make-up, a black wig with blue streaks and gothic looking cloths. She put on the make-up and the cloths then the wig. She painted her nails black then blue tips. After that she left through the adjoining room. She got into a car and drove to a cemetery after stopping to get flowers.  She walked to a grave.

“Hey it’s me I haven’t visited in a while” said Veruca “I remember when I was little you used to bring me here to see mom and dad. You said to never question their love for me because the loved me even if they didn’t show it a lot. I’m so confused right now my head is spinning. On the day you joined mom and dad I swore to you I would find who did this to you. No matter how afraid I am I can’t do that hiding in a room far from where I’m supposed to be.”

“No you can’t” said a voice from behind her.

“Grandpa” said Veruca turning around “How did you know I was here?”

“Mr. Pride called me” said he said “Told me how afraid you were. I thought that’s not my granddaughter because she’s fearless and if she isn’t she would never let you know it. I figured out the rest. It’s a good place to think.”

Veruca hugged him.

“I missed you so much” said Veruca.

“I’ve missed you” said her grandfather “Do let this job get you down. Use what you got and get a greater foothold if you need one.”

“I think I might lose myself if I go there” said Veruca “Or break.”

“The beauty about lost and broken things” said her grandfather “they can be found and put back together again. If you and your brothers roles were reversed he wouldn’t stop not for nothing. You shouldn’t either.”


“Any news on Harley yet?” asked Steve.

“None” said Han “Although LaSalle said he saw her making drug deals among other things.”

“She went all the way to New Orleans to buy drugs” said Steve.

“Not just drugs” said Jerry “She’s been very busy in the Crescent City. She made six gun deals made more than ten million in cash selling stolen military weapons. Five times as much selling drugs. Ten times more just by collecting rent from buildings she owns. She has a lot of money.”

“This is crazy” said Han “How come we can’t get her on anything?”

“The Judge is in her pocket” said Jerry “There’s no proof but why let her go when he has the heist conviction record on the island.”

“Keep digging Jerry” said Steve “We’ve got to be missing something.”



“I’m so glad to be off that plane” said Richard leaving the airport “I thought it would never end.”

‘It wouldn’t have seemed as long if you didn’t panic when he hit some turbulence’ thought Conan ‘you freaked out for over an hour.’

“Are you Richard Moore” asked Han holding a sign written in Japanese.

“Yes” said Richard.

“I’m Han Chang” said Han “This is my partner Kaiann Kelly we were asked to take to where you’ll be staying.”

“Where’s my brother?” asked Richard.

“He’s on a case out of town” said Kaiann “these cars are going to the same place. It doesn’t matter who goes in which one.”

Everyone got into the cars. Han and Kaiann drove to a beach house. They led the way in.

“Wow” said Amy, Mitch and Gorge together.

“Look at that view” said Mitch.

“Pretty” said Rachel walking over to the window and watched the waves.

“Agent Moore will be here to meet you when the case is over” said Han “We have to go. Feel free to roam the beach.”

“His orders are for you to stay close to the house so you don’t get lost” said Kaiann.

The two of them left.

“What kind of a case do you think he’s on” asked Rachel.

“Let’s go to the beach” said Amy.

“Yeah” said Mitch and Gorge.

“Hang on guys we need to get settled in first” said Rachel “Let’s go pick a room.”

“Ok” said Amy and she and the kids ran up the stairs.

Conan followed the kids were all sharing a room. Rachel had her own room however she seemed to think Amy and Vi should share her room so the boys could have a room to themselves. Amuro and Subaru were also sharing a room something neither of them seemed happy about. Richard was sharing a room with his brother.

They went out to the beach after they were settled in. 

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