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1. The Radges of the Ridges part 2 by Irvin V Kingdom copyrights

Sammy. He makes his way to his new school, it’s called Ralph Gardener High, he’s dressed in a woollen jumper that’s two big for him, and a pair Cotten short pants and his yellow wellies that make a slapping sound every time he walks, it’s a red hot day, he makes his way down the back lanes just in case he comes across some scrap metal, he’s obsessed with scrap.

Mother. Come “” on Ruby you lazy cow, you’ll be late for work, you’ve all ready had two warnings for being late last week.

Ruby. What”” you shouting for I’m up.

Mother. Well you better get your skates on, have you seen the time, and can you get some more of that back bacon you’re Da said it was lovely.

Ruby. It’s not nice having to stuff a rasher of bacon down your bra every time someone orders a bacon sandwich, by the end of the day I’ve got a 48inc bust, I’m sure the bread man knows what I’m up to, he keeps saying to me, Wa”” ha”” you don’t get many of them to the pound, pointing to my bust, and he keeps calling me the Ridges bike.

Part 3 next the copyrights of Irvin V Kingdom.

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