The New Era Of Maximum ride

A girl named Sarah is the new hero of the world Zara, a replaced version of Earth after the apocalypses. She is the new maximum ride.


3. Chapter Three

4,000 students every year.

$10,000 per year.

Above average students.

Strict teachers.

This is so not a school for me I think to myself. After I’d left the twin’s room I headed over to dad’s room and found out that Kaili had left and she said she’d call. But she wanted me to text first. Some top secret that I probably already knew but she thought I didn't know from the sound of it. I told dad that I would and went to my room and looked over my file folder, which explained the school as some rich school that is for smart students with rich daddies and mommies. Dad came in when I was looking at it and told me it was bedtime. He smiled at me almost in a cautious way. He walked over to the door and he was closing the door when I asked, “What do you think?” He came back in and closed the door. He sat on the edge of the bed next to me by my feet.

    “It really isn't my choice.”He stands again and kisses my head and says, “Get some sleep. We’ll talk tomorrow.”I let him leave this time. I put everything back in the file folder and turn out the light.


I'm actually myself in this dream I think. I look at my hands and I think, or maybe not. I'm in a tan colored body. “Nudge!” I now have no control over “my” body and I am turning to the voice, letting it direct me towards where it wanted, then I realized, Nudge, from the original Maximum Ride story, had a voice like me and the others. Angel? My dream body thinks, she's alive? I continue like this until I get to the outside, where Angel, what looks like Phoenix were fighting Horsemen and I jumped headfirst into the fight. Gazzy, Iggy, and, Fang find us and we are all soon well on our way to our secret house.


I wake up expecting a Horsemen to be standing up right next to my bed, but I woke up, in my own room, and thankfully no one was in my room. My clock says 2:42. I get my phone off of my nightstand and I head to the living room. I could hear Dad and Kamis before I had even made it out of the hallway, not enough to hear what they were saying, but only that they were. They both stopped and looked at me, shock evident on my face. I sit down on the arm of the couch.

“Show me.” I tell Kamis, who looks at me than dad, “Show me your wings.” He still looks at dad, who nods at me. I watch as he pulls off his shirt, but I couldn't look away, only to want to. His wings were already full grown, all white except the tips, which were a cream color. Then he flexed them out, revealing how wide they were, they were about 16 ft long! I leave for my room, purposely not saying anything. I know that they are keeping something else from me too. I grab my journal off of the dinner table and I sit on my bed and fill it in.

To most people, my journal would look like something I’m writing, not a true story. I guess that's the perk of having an “overdramatic imagination” like my teachers tell me and my parents. Tonight was the first time that I’ve ever been in a body. Usually, I am in the air, almost like a cloud, without a body. Invisible too. I sigh and put my journal on my nightstand and gasp, Kamis was just standing there, watching me. I turn my bedside lamp off, but he switches on the light switch next to him. He sits at the foot of my bed, probably do I can't punch him.

 “I’m sorry.” I ignore him and turn over, pulling my blankets as far as I could pull them while he was sitting on them, showing him that I was mad. Showing him how much he hurt me. But I don’t want to hurt him, says a tiny voice in my head, my voice at least. I am for once not liking the fact that I am so close to Kamis. "For what?" I ask, my voice cracking.

"For keeping it all from you. For lying to you." I know exactly what Kamis is talking about. When he lied about being fine when he wasn't OK. "My wings, um, they didn't grow naturally on me like they will on you guys. I had to be injected with horsemen blood… I knew that I didn't have the need to help people like you and the twins have.”I just stare at him open mouthed and I can tell that this is hard for him to say. “When dad told me, I just knew that I wasn’t the same as the rest of you. I have no desire to help people, I just want to protect you and the twins and maybe whoever joins your team.”

"It isn't my team.” I tell him.

"Oh, but the voice told everyone it is your team." He tells me.

"You've heard the voice?" I ask him. He shakes his head.  

"I heard what the twins were told, Henry too." 

"Your lucky you don't have a voice!" I half joke with him, letting him know he got half forgiven.  "You should go talk to dad later today... about the school thing." He says. "How did you know about that?" Ask him, already coming up with ideas, like maybe he is a spy. I giggle at the thought of him crawling through air vents with his bulky form.  "Dad talked to me before Blake and Oliver came over. He wanted to make sure you wouldn't think that he was trying to get rid of you." He winks at me and he walks over to the door and waves before leaving me. I try to sleep some more but I couldn't. I think it was because I had too much to think about. 


Later that day I walked out when I heard everyone gathering in the kitchen getting ready for school. I went down the stairs and past dads room but when I was passing the bathroom dad was on his way out and ran into me. When he saw the mess in the kitchen and all of the backpacks on the floor next to the door and he smiled. Sophia was about to put her backpack on when he took it. "

You kids are not going to school right now." He hooks her backpack on her hook next to the door. "I've told the school that they can text me the homework for all of you because I told them we are going on vacation and we are taking Henry with us. We all know that it is stupid to go to school while our wings are still growing. It still sucks though, because then I can’t go and see Kaili. Or anyone else in the school, not that there is anyone though. I walk to the table where dad has placed himself and tell him that I would like to talk to him.

He follows me into the hall then into his study. He closes the door and sits in the desk chair. I sit in the chair in front of the desk while saying, “I still have a few questions…" I pause, gathering my thoughts. ”1. Will everyone else be able to come? 2. How long? 3. Is there anything I haven't been told yet. Dad loses eye contact after the third question, even through his answer. He pretends to be looking for something in his desk.

“Yes, if you need them. If they need to go with you, the twins, Kay and Henry will go with you.”He hasn't called Kamis Kay for a while. Not since mom died. “As long as you need to be there.” He pauses. “We've already told you everything that we know.” ‘He's lying’ says my voice. I don't need you to tell me things that I already know I snap back. My father has always been a lousy liar. But when he does lie he usually has her own reasons.

“Is that all?” dad asks me, still not looking at me.

“Where is the school, no one seems to know. I haven't got the name to look it up either. The name wasn't on any of the things that Blake gave me.”

“It's in Kingdom.” I gasp, that's where all of the Royals live and literally on the other side of the world! The Royals are the most famous and rich people in the whole world! There are 12 Royal families, and there are cities dedicated to the Royals. Only Royals may enter those cities. Kingdom is included.

“How am I supposed to get into kingdom?” I ask dad.

“Your wings.”

“Excuse me?” I ask.

“Your wings are proof that you are part Horsemen and Blake has gotten one of the Royal families to adopt you.” He looks at me in the eye for the first time since I was asking questions. “I will still be your father, but legally you will be someone else's child.”

“But…” I stammer.

“No buts, if you want to be able to do your part with or without the school your learning about, you and your siblings, and Henry, of course, will have to be adopted by a royal, otherwise no one will believe that you are part horsemen. Blake got a Royal to say that she kept you a secret and he had an affair with your mother to have you, and he did, what does 4 more make? A way for you to do what you were supposed to. The Royal that is adopting you is part of the ride family and will be able to back up being related to you if it comes to blood tests.” By now my dad looked on the verge of tears. I hug him and tell him that he will always be my father and that everything will be fine. I decided to do it in that moment, but don't tell him yet. I  just quietly leave and go into the living room and grab my laptop and go into my room.

I settle down on my bed and put the laptop in my lap and open up the search engine. I type in Fang's blog and I click on the first one. I look at the comments and see that the last one was fairly recent, two months ago. I quickly type in a comment, Any new horsemen???: I went to a new tab and started on my homework. I think everyone was scared to comment because after that I kept getting notifications.

I guess I have relatives almost everywhere. I have family literally all around the world. At the time there is only one other Maximum decedent, Who lives in Kingdom. About 5 people live around on this side of Zara, but most people live in or around kingdom.

Apparently, I have Royal family, my siblings and I seem to be the only Maximum ride… Except for this one who lives in Raymond, the closest town to Kingdom. I close off my computer when dad comes in holding his phone to his ear.

“Blake wants an answer,” Dad says, holding the phone up to his ear still.

“Yes, but I want Kamis to come.” I leave out the fact that the school is an all-girls school. I hold out my hand. “I want to talk to Blake.”

“Hello?” He asks impatiently.

“How will it work for Kamis to come with me?” I ask him.

“The same way it will for Oliver.” He pauses, “There is an all boys school next door, and I own it. The kids aren't allowed to leave campus without signed permission from me or parents. Because I own it you can leave whenever you or your brother need to, as long as you obey the curfew and don’t go during class.” Huh, this man must be loaded!

“Also, Mr. Black, is there a possibility that you have a Mikey Salenger in your boys' school?” I cross my fingers and hope that there is. I wait for him to look it up.

“Yes, we do, might want to tell me why you wanted that piece of information?”

“Nope!” I say smiling. I hand the phone back to dad. I honestly feel guilty for telling dad like that. “Let us go tell everyone else,” I say as he hangs up the phone. We walk to the living room. Alex and Kamis are fighting over the T.V. remote while Soph is humming and making pancakes. I'm gonna miss this. Everyone seemed to calm down when they saw Dad though. He sat down on the couch and motioned for all of them to sit down next to him.

Soph finishes quickly and comes over, holding a pan of pancakes in one hand and a stack of plates with forks on the top. She quickly runs back to get the butter and the syrup.

When everyone is settled on the couch dad explains the whole school thing. Everyone seemed to agree with my decision, but dad seemed to be upset, probably the fact that he didn't want to lose Kamis and me, not like he lost mom.

Dad called Blake and they talked financial stuff and when would be the best time for me to come without it being too suspicious. He said in three weeks when the semester starts. He said to send him the bill for the plane tickets. I tell dad I want to go as soon as possible. He books a ticket in a week. Alex goes to help me pack while Soph goes with Kamis to pack.

“Why aren’t we going?” Alex asks bluntly. She looks at me while she takes things out of my closet.

“Because…” I say, trying to come up with an answer without being rude. “Because Dad needs you here so he doesn't lose all of us at the same time. So he can be himself still.” I pause, “And so we won’t be worrying about you as much. We probably will anyway; but not as much because you are at home with Dad and where it was safe.” I take my underwear out of her hand and hug her when her tears overflow. I hug her and soothe her and try to cheer her up. I tell her that we will call her every day before she has to go to bed. I think that I told her that I would even send her letters if she wanted. I pull her away and hold her an arm's length away and hold onto her shoulders. I give her my biggest smile and she kind of smiles. She is so sweet, even is she tries to make it so you don't think that. I no doubt will do everything in my power to protect her and keep her safe. My whole family.

Once we are done I realize that Kamis might want Henry to come. I go to his room and lean in the door jam. He looks surprised to see me. “Do you want Henry to come?” Again, he looks surprised.

“Um, no.” He looks at his phone, “Its fine.” He’s lying to me again.

“Lier, you’re lying to me again.” He looks at me but doesn’t look surprised.

“Ok, fine, whatever!” He semi shouts. “I’m only going because you want me to go.” He says, and it hits me like a bullet to the chest. I didn't think about what if he didn’t want to go.

“I’m sorry. You can stay.” I tell him, “I don’t need you there. It was just so that I could have something familiar to me when I do go.” I tell him in a weird flat voice. I walk back downstairs and go into the living room, where dad is, still on the computer. “Kamis doesn’t want to go.” I tell him, he nods and goes to see if he could refund the ticket. My enemy will be bound to hit while I’m gone anyway. My worst enemy is being alone, I hate being alone.



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