The New Era Of Maximum ride

A girl named Sarah is the new hero of the world Zara, a replaced version of Earth after the apocalypses. She is the new maximum ride.


1. Chapter One

White limo? Check. Dudes with super high tech weapons? Check. Big explosion? Check. Mutants? Check. 50 against 6? Check. Blood and gore? Check. Wanna know what's missing? Me. I wake up with a start, again. Shouldn't people get used to waking up from strange dreams, soaking and cold from sweat? Nope. What about being more tired when I wake up then when I wake up? Nope again.


I start finding key points and writing them down in my dream journal. I know its weird, but it's what the voice told me to do. What voice you might ask. The voice showed up about the same time as the dreams. What? You don't have a voice? Your like totally missing out!... Not. I get up and grab a towel off the floor and head to the bathroom, hoping beyond reason that it is clean. Once i'm actually in the shower I sigh. My level is still really low. A level is the rank you are in power. 1-8, 0  if your human. My level is 1. Ph, by the way, just letting you know that your world ended a long time ago. What happened is that a place called The School experimented on kids and I’m not sure exactly all of the details but all of Earth's volcanoes erupted, killing all of the humans alive, and the world was never the same, and a little after the good scientists created Horsemen. Horsemen are mutants who can fly, and have other talents. Anyhow, one of them, well he was flying out in outer space on an spaceship and somehow how found another planet that could be lived on by Horsemen and other Mutants, and the rare human of course. Now we live on Zara, a new planet that is supposedly really different from Earth. We named it Zara for the Horsemen named Zara who had found it, she was a hero. My level is only a 1 because my abilities suck. I can for the most part see in the dark my senses are really good, and now the Voice and the dreams that aren't really and ability. The last two I haven't told anyone about yet. Technically you are supposed to tell the level keeper, who will log it and make your level status go up if needed. I was planning on telling my dad today.

I rinse off quickly and go to my room. I grab my school uniform. It's just a underling school so we don't have cute uniforms like other schools, but we have better art programs than most. All we have is a longs sleeve white dress shirt, a choice of shirt or slacks, a sweatshirt or a blazer, but the good thing is is that you get to choose what shoes you like to wear. I usually wear my black hi-top converse. I put the slacks back and get dressed, realizing that I need a new dress shirt, this one is a little tight. I grab my backpack and I quickly add a coat of mascara and lip gloss. I leave my room and stalk into my brother Kamis room. I scream into his ear and scare the living shit out of him. As I hunch over holding my stomach laughing hard he tries to not laugh. After a few moments he gave up and laughed while his ears turned pink. I turn to the door and try to scratch my back but Kamis stops me and hold his wrist while fishing his phone out of his pocket and taking a picture of something, he shows me his phone and I gasp, I have two large lumps on my back.

As quick as I could I took of my shirt, the whole time thanking the fact that I was wearing a sports bra. I look in Kamis's mirror and see two large bones sticking out of my shoulder blades. “DAD!” Kamis yells, still holding his phone out for me to look. I can hear Dad running up the stairs 2 at a time and when he sees me he curses and closes the door. He tells Kamis to leave and Kamis, who was trying to lighten the mood he exclaimed loudly that this it the 4th time this month that he has been kicked out of his room. I just roll my eyes when he grabs his backpack and walks out the room, only to come back in 2 seconds later. I smile sweetly at him while I hold out his keys for him to take, but my smile quickly fades when he tells me with his eyes to be careful. When Kamis id finally gone I turn to Dad, who is closing the door, then the blindes, the curtains, then the air vents. Dad turns me away from him and touches one of the bones and I could feel it literally burn him, then the pain started up for me. It was okay the first time but the second time I kneeled over and puked, the third time I almost passed out. I realize that these might be wings, like mom had. I look over at Dad, fighting the wave of nausea that it gave me.

“Dad, are we part Horsemen?” He turned green when I asked him that, all I was able to do was watch him think, until Kamis yelled for him again from the bathroom. We both run fort the bathroom, I almost hit my extra limb on the door jam on the way in to the bathroom downstairs. Kamis, and my two little twin sisters are all in the bathroom. Sophia and Alex bothe have the same thing that I do. Alex is trying to cheer up Sophia but while she wipes away Sophia tears she starts to cry too. When I looked over at Kamis he and Dad seemed to be having a silent conversation using their eyes. Kamis nods at us all who have extra bones and Dad sighs.

“Kids, I have something to tell you.” He leads us out of the bathroom and we follow him into the hall. “What I have to tell you can not be repeated, not to anyone. Before I tell you, you will have to swear to me that you won't tell anyone.” He looks all of us in the eye and he nods at us when we swear. He brings us into his office.

In the years to come if I had known what was gonna happen I might not have said, “I won’t tell anyone.”  

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