Breakup,Fall in Love,Can't have him

A Valentine poem for the competition


1. Breakup, Fall in Love, Can't have Him





   She sits crying in a corner of her room. Her boyfriend has cheated on her and she can't figure out why. She decides to get over it and go for a walk. She gets downtown turns on some music on her phone and looks down at the ground.

There is a boy carrying a heap of books straight ahead. They run into each other. She helps him carry his books to the library. They talk for a while. She thinks she has found a new love. The next day she went to the library hoping to see him but he doesn't come. She asks a librarian about the boy. The librarian said he moved last night. She realized she was in love but could not have the boy because he moved. She had just met him. Loved him but couldn't have him. 

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