Where Reminiscence Resides

A short love poem stylized in the context of space.

I chose option #2 for the valentines day writing competition

"Write about falling in love with someone you may not or cannot have."

Hope you guys enjoy


1. Where Reminiscence Resides



Do neon hearts bicker about as they ride along Orion's belt?

Across the cosmos and through the maelstrom void

Looking for each other’s wavelength even though sound had never felt the need to move

Fervently and furiously, these feelings are like starstruck galaxies that look where love is blind


And to prove, and to quell this rising tide in their chests

He said to her, “Hey, could you please stay here for a year or two?”

She said to him, “Hey, could you please let time tell it through?"

But time to him was never as kind


So apart they floated out into the constellations that contoured only to the needs of others

When all along, their auroras were only made to blend with each other’s

Yet as the comets all drifted away from their orbits

It was only them causing these collisions to interrupt their minds, and their need for company


So slowly, as gravity pulled them in, into a static space where reality marbled as a world fit just for two


He said to her “Hey, I think this universe can really leave the room.”

She said to him “Hey, perhaps my neglect was just as faulty as a blindsided moon.”

Into the vastness the comets streamed, with trails that could be seen from the planets abound


It was only a matter of time before their neurons burned out

For after all, even this love would someday be blown into the dust of stars around


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