Life is grand?

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  • Published: 19 Jan 2018
  • Updated: 19 Jan 2018
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A poem by me...for the world...

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*Based off a true story*


1. "Untitled" by Mikayla Hardin

One happy child

One messy divorce

Rocking every day; blaming herself

Saying “It’s all my fault”

Wanting to die; wither away

Saying “Nobody wants me to stay”

Bullied at school

Unloved at home

Feeling all alone

Four years this torment lasts

How much more before it’s in the past?

Turn on the laptop

Duck under the covers

Knife, bottle and poison…

Suicide note all written up

Is this the end?

One grand entrance,

One single line…

One unique name

One quick search and

SNAP! Just like that…

Life changed…

Life saved…

Life worth living…


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