Villainy: A Legacy of A Royal novel

Princess Jessica of Taiway is the crown princess, the daughter of Queen Elsa and King Jackson of Taiway, and well on the path of a proper royal.However, on misstep on Jack's part turns her to a different path. Once her father does wrong, a chain of events is activated, making her more and more angry, and more and more set on that dangerous path


5. War and Roses

    Jessica went to Carrie’s house in the village. When she got there, she went inside and called out, “Carrie?”

    She found Carrie crying in her bedroom.

“Carrie, what’s wrong?”

“The king...the king…”

“What about him?”

“Came inside...told me...told me…”

“Calm down, Carrie.”

“Told me I was a witch and-and a freak and I deserve to…”

“To what, Carrie?”

“To burn.”

Jessica was shocked.

“You know what we’re going to do, Carrie?”


“We’re going to show him that we are not to be messed with. He’s trying to make me marry someone.”


“Yeah, at 15. That’s way too young.”


“I want you to come to the ball tomorrow.”

“I will.”

The next night, the girls were talking to each other in a corner when they heard the front doors blast open. An old beggar woman came through and then fell to her knees and bowed to Jack. Elsa and Anna were sick, so it was just Jack and Jessica. All the old beggar woman had to offer was a single rose.

Jack then began laughing, and everyone else did the same. Except Jessica.

Jack then took the rose from the old beggar woman, sneered, and then tossed it back to her. The old beggar woman warned him not to be deceived by appearance, for the real beauty came from within.     

Nevertheless, Jack dismissed her again. However, Jessica picked up the rose and then took the woman’s hand, with Carrie behind her watching. Jessica then helped the woman stand up and smiled.

“Jessica, let go of her.”

She let go of the woman, seeing that the woman could stand up on her own.

Jack then turned the older woman away. Tried to, that is. But Jessica didn’t let him.

Then, the old beggar woman turned into a beautiful enchantress. She was going to curse Jack, but instead told him that he was lucky to have a daughter with a caring heart, for if he didn’t have her, he would be cursed by now for his cruelty. Then, the enchantress disappeared.

Jessica was rewarded with an enchanted rose that would never die, and a magic mirror to show her the outside world by the enchantress.  To Jack, it was just an ordinary mirror.

The next day, Jack got a letter from the kingdom of Neamond that was as follows:

To His Majesty  King Jackson of Arendelle,

I, the king of Neamond, ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage to my son, Prince Edward. If your daughter does not marry my son, we will declare war against you, and lives will be lost, Your Majesty.

Therefore, I suggest you give my son your daughter’s hand in marriage.


                            King Gabriel of Neamond



Everyone was in danger. He had to show this to Elsa. Now.

He raced to Elsa’s office and knocked.

“Come in.” Elsa’s voice said through the door.

Jack went inside and closed the door behind him.

“Jack, you look really pale. Are you okay?” Elsa asked, concerned.

Jack wordlessly gave her the paper.

Elsa read it and looked at Jack.

“She can’t marry him. She’s not even wanting to marry.”

“Well, we have to do something. I’m not wanting to go to war.”

“Neither am I. But Jessica isn’t a thing you bargain. She’s a real, living person with her own ideas and her own mind. Which you don’t realize.”

“I realize that.”

“Then why are you making her marry someone she doesn’t want to? Jack, if she marries either Louis or Edward, she will be unhappy.”

“This is a big dilemma. I don’t think I can handle this.”

“You can, Jack. Trust me. Just don’t make her do something she doesn’t want to.”

Jack then looked at Elsa in the eyes and said, “We’re going to have to go to war.”

Elsa then said, “Sadly, yes. I’ll tell the guards and the knights. I’ll tell the girls and King Stephen and Prince Louis as well.”

“I wouldn’t tell them.”

“We’re going to have to, Jack.”

Finally, Elsa then left, and Jack went back to his office and took out a piece of paper to write a letter to King Gabriel, signing it with his signature.

To His Majesty King Gabriel of Neamond,

    I would rather you declare war than hand over my daughter Princess Jessica. I have already found someone for her, and she may get married to that person. I will not say who it is, as I am sure you would hurt him. He will soon be Jessica’s husband, unless I miss my guess. Your son will not be my daughter’s husband, and that is final.


                        King Jackson of Arendelle


Then he gave it to the royal mailman to send it to Neamond. He left to find Elsa, and she was with Jessica and Anna.

“...We’re going to have to go to war.”

Anna looked shocked. Jessica looked...well, she had no expression, as though it were normal.

Jack then joined them and said to both of them, “I need you to warn everyone next week. The letter I sent hasn’t gotten to them because I just sent it today.”

“You sent a letter?” Elsa asked.

“I said no to the proposal.”

“What are you guys talking about? Don’t hold back from me! I know it’s about me! What’s going on?” Jessica said angrily.

“It’s nothing, Jess.” Jack said.

“Just tell me!”


“TELL ME! If it was about me, I want to know!”


“I am not as dumb as you think! I am a person! If it’s about me, I have to know what it is!”

“I can’t, Jess.”

“Why not?”

“Because it put all of us in danger.”

Jessica then said, “I put you in danger?”

“No, it wasn’t you, but it was about you.”

“Please, tell me.”

“No, Jess, I can’t.”

Jessica then turned and walked away, as did Elsa, leaving Jack and Anna standing together.

“Jack-I mean, Your Majesty-she’s going through some hard times. I mean, her best friend was burned, then brought back to life, and then Jess is getting married! Honestly, I think that making her marry someone isn’t good for anyone.”

“That’s what put us all in danger: marriage. Someone sent me a letter saying that if I didn’t give them Jessica’s hand in marriage, then they would declare war on us.” Jack paused. He then put a hand to his forehead, knowing that he would regret saying the next words.

“I chose war.”

Anna didn’t say anything for the next few minutes, and then said, “You would put your country in danger for Jess?”

“For my family,” Jack corrected her.

“Okay, for your family.”


“I can understand why. Anyway, I have to go.”

“Okay. Anna. I’ll see you at dinner.”


Then, two weeks later, one night, through her window, while everyone else was asleep, Jessica saw men in rows coming from the woods with weapons in their hands. She dashed to Anna’s bedroom and knocked.

“Anna! Anna!” She raced inside just as Anna was waking up.

“What is it, Jess?” Anna asked tiredly.

“There are men outside! They have weapons. I think that they’re coming to kill us!”

Anna quickly got out of bed and raced to Jessica’s room, where Jessica pointed them out.

Without a word, they both ran to the king and queen’s bedroom and knocked loudly to warn them.

“Elsa! Jack! We need you!” Anna called out.

They heard Elsa and Jack waking up inside. Elsa then opened the door and said, “What is it, Anna?”

“Come on! We have to show you something! There’s men, and weapons, right outside! It’s not the guards!”

Elsa and Jack then followed Jessica and Anna to Jessica’s room, where right outside, there were men with weapons. They saw the men aim their guns at the window where the royal family was standing.

“GET DOWN!” Jack cried just as bullets smashed the window. Then, Jessica crawled to her closet.

“What are you doing? Jess?” Jack was frantic.

She was searching in her her closet for something. A smile lit up her face when she found it and pulled it out. It was a revolver.

“Jess? What are you planning to do with that?”

She crawled back to the window and before Jack could do anything, she was firing at the men below.

“Get out of here! I’ll hold them off as best as I can!”

Without arguing the family made it to the door and Jack saw the guards were firing at the opponents as well.

“I have to get Jess! We can’t lose her again!” Jack called to Elsa over the sound of shots.

“Go get her!” Elsa called back as she and Anna made it to the cellar.

Jack was able to make it to Jessica’s room, which was a disaster. However, he couldn’t find her. He saw her revolver on the floor next to the window.

Then he heard the command, “Retreat! Retreat!”

He dashed to the window and saw that the soldiers were running from the castle back into the woods.

“We have the princess! We have what we came for! Let’s go!”

Jack was shaken. Jessica had been captured!

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