Villainy: A Legacy of A Royal novel

Princess Jessica of Taiway is the crown princess, the daughter of Queen Elsa and King Jackson of Taiway, and well on the path of a proper royal.However, on misstep on Jack's part turns her to a different path. Once her father does wrong, a chain of events is activated, making her more and more angry, and more and more set on that dangerous path


10. Princess to Royal Villain

One month later, Jack received a letter from King Ryan and Queen Sophia Linas of Corona, asking them to come to the palace for a visit. Pitch had been overthrown, and forgotten by Jessica.  

When the day came, in the morning, Jack then called to Jessica, “Jess, time to go!”

She appeared, and Elsa then said to Anna and Jessica, “Are you both ready?”

“I am,” Anna said.

“Yeah, I’m ready,” Jessica said.

“All right, let’s go,” Jack responded.

They boarded the boat to Corona and when they got there, Ryan, Sophia, and their daughter, Emily, were standing at the dock, waving to them.

When they got off, Jessica looked around. It was much different than Arendelle.

While the sovereigns talked, Emily said to Jessica, “So you’re Princess Jessica of Arendelle?”

“Yes,” Jessica responded.

“So dignified. I bet your parents are happy with that,” Emily commented.

“They sure seem like it, but you can never tell what they’re really thinking,” Jessica told her.

Emily giggled and said, “I heard that you have ice magic. Along with your parents.”

Jessica said nothing.

Then the sovereigns turned and saw the girls talking. Then Emily said, “Did you hear me?”

“I heard you.” Jessica said.

“Do you?”

She turned and looked out at the sea. “Yeah.”

Emily gasped, and then said, “You’re a monster!”

“Emily!” Ryan snapped. “That is NOT princess behavior.”

However, Jessica, now heartbroken, ran up the dock and into the town.

“Jess! You don’t know your way around! Jess!” Jack called after her.

She kept running, not stopping until she reached the woods, ignoring her father’s calls for her to stop.

Ryan quickly sent the guards after her, which simply made her more afraid and she ran faster.

She then finally stopped after losing the guards and waited, thinking that maybe she should go back. After all, she wasn’t afraid anymore.

Then, before she crossed the border of woods and town, she heard a voice say, “Hello, Princess Jessica.”

Jessica turned, and she saw a black-haired man in black clothing. “Who are you?”

“My name is Pitch. I need you to come with me.”

“Why?” Jessica said.

“Because I have an offer for you, Princess Jessica.”

“Which is?”

“You can go back to your family, or you can be my queen. You need to accept the fact that your family will never truly accept you for who you are.”

He paused for a moment, and then said, “Have you made a decision?”


“What is your decision?”

“I shall become your queen, if that is what you wish.”

“Good. Now, we must face your father.”

“Explain to me why we must go fight him?”

“Because he and I are enemies. Before I left, he refused to join my side when I asked him for your hand in marriage, saying I was twice your age group.”

“Okay. Go on.”

“So now, you and I will fight him. But first, I want you to change your look. You must look the part you’re about to play.”

She changed her ice blue dress to a long, dark purple dress with black lining. Her eyes turned red. Her hair turned to dark purple. She looked beautiful.

“Is this better?”


“I want to change my name.”

“What do you want to change it to?”

“Hecate. The goddess of witchcraft and sorcery.”

“If that is what you wish, then that will be your name.”


Jessica/Hecate looked behind her at the town and said, “What will we do first?”

“Wait a month. Your father will forget about you by then.”

They waited a whole month, causing fear elsewhere.

Then, they went to Arendelle, just in time to see Jack passing through the town, heading to the pier. He sat down and stared at the sunset.

“Okay, you know the plan, correct?” Pitch asked Jessica/Hecate.


“Good. Stay here.”

She stayed hidden behind the building and watched Pitch talk to Jack. Then behind him, he called, “Jessica, come here.”

She quickly changed back to her white-haired, blue eyed persona of Jessica Frost and appeared to Jack. His face went from confusion to happiness.

“Jess!” he cried. “You’re alive!”

“You remember me?” Jessica said. She heard Jack say, “Daughter?” like he didn’t remember!

“Yeah, of course I remember you! It’s been an entire month!”

“You left without me.”

“I know, Jess. I know and I’m sorry. The guards couldn’t find you and we saw footprints coming back to Arendelle-you know there’s two ways to get to Corona- so we thought you came back. We searched everywhere but never found you. We thought you’d come back to us sometime or another. And we were right! Here you are, right in front of me!”

“I think it’s better if you forget.”

“Why do you say that?” Jack asked, confused again.

“Because I have joined my side.”


She turned back into Hecate as Jack watched, both horrified and amazed.

“My name is now Hecate, goddess of witchcraft and sorcery.”

“What in the world? Jess-”

“My name is Hecate!”

She pushed him into the water. He sank at first, but then resurfaced and pulled himself up onto the pier.

“What was that for?”

“You will pay for what you did.”

Then she disappeared.

“You will regret disturbing her, Jack. Face the fact that your daughter is against you. She is now my queen.”

“She is not your queen, she is my daughter. What did you do to her?”

“Nothing. I just told her the truth about you.”

Jack was silent.

“Soon, she will stop aging, just like you, and then what will you do? Everyone here already thinks you’re immortal.”

It was true. During the 17 years and counting of Jack’s reign, the people of Arendelle were noticing that Jack wasn’t aging. They were beginning to realize that he was immortal, a never-aging person.

“What will you do then, Jack? You won’t be a king forever.”

“I’ll make Elsa and Anna immortal once I get the chance, and then I’ll choose a successor, and leave. That’s what I’ll do.”

“If they don’t want to be immortal, what will you do, then?”

“I’ll be by their side when they die.”

“Jessica will still be on my side.”

“That’s what you think.”

“No, Jack, that’s what I know.”

“You won’t get away with this.”

“In your dreams, Jack.”

Pitch left.

Jack stared out into the sea.   

“Jack!” Elsa said.

She ran up to him and said, “Anna’s been hurt!”

“How bad?”

“She won’t be able to walk for a month! Her leg is hurt so badly!”

“How did that happen?”

“She said someone pushed her down the stairs!”

“Did she see who?”

“I had Anna draw her. She’s really good with drawing.”

The drawing Elsa showed Jack consisted of a girl with a braid of purple hair around her shoulder, a dark purple dress embracing her body in a way that was enchanting, and her eyes-oh, those horrible eyes-were red. Hecate. Or Jessica. That was Jessica, whether she liked it or not.

“That’s-” Jack stopped.

“What?” Elsa asked.

“That’s Hecate. Jessica turned into Hecate. Jess is on the bad side and that’s the look she chose.”

“So, she’s gone?”
       “Yeah, she’s gone,” Jack said sadly.

Elsa looked at him, depressed, and turned away.

Meanwhile, in the lair, Pitch then said to Hecate, “Hecate, I need you to watch the globe to make sure the lights don’t go out. We must keep the fear going.”

“This will be a task I like. I hate remembering my offenders.”

“Such as King Jackson?”


“Actually, you can come with me. We can cause fear together.”


Then, at the North Pole, Santa Claus (usually called North) called the Guardians, E. Aster Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and Sandman, together to discuss vanquishing Pitch. Jack couldn’t come, he was ruling Arendelle.

“I have called us here for one reason, and one reason only. Pitch has struck back.” North said.

“Pitch? Pitch Black?” Tooth asked.

“Yes,” North replied gravely. “Sadly, we don’t have Jack, but he does have a kid.”

“Who’s his kid?” Bunny asked.

“Princess Jessica Frost.”

“Wait, she’s a royal?”

“The daughter of a royal is always a royal.”

“How did Jack become a royal?”

“He married Queen Elsa of Arendelle.”

“I didn’t know! No one tells me anything!” Bunny said.

“I’ve always known since Jack married Elsa that he’d have a daughter, and I tried to tell him that. He replied that he would have a son, and if he had a daughter, he’d ignore her. He didn’t want a daughter.”

“I’d like to know how she’s doing.”

“My snow globe could tell me where she is. Let’s go and find her.”

He whispered to the snow globe in his hand, “Princess Jessica.”

The globe showed Jessica sitting at the base of a tree, knees hugged to her chest, in a snowy landscape. She had escaped Pitch, didn’t want to be with him anymore. She wanted to be with her father, but knowing him, he would forget about her again, and ignore her again, like he had her entire life.

“I remember her. I have her memories. Maybe I could bring them to her. She looks so confused.” Tooth said sympathetically.

“Let’s go,” North said. “We don’t have time to lose.”

They went in the sleigh to find her. When they landed, Jessica got up quickly and raced up the tree to the very top.

“Princess Jessica, we’re not going to hurt you!” North said.

“We just want to ask you some things.” Tooth said, flying up to her.

“Who are you?” Jessica asked.

“We’re the Guardians,” Bunny said.

“You look familiar,” Jessica said as she slowly touched the base of the tree. Then she looked away.

“What, what is it?” Bunny asked.

“My beliefs and my personality has caused me to be bullied by every child of the village,” Jessica said. “It’s because I believe in you that they laugh. Carrie gets it the worst. Daddy even laughed at her.”

“Why did he laugh at her?”

“Because she got her first-” she stopped for a second, and then mumbled, “monthly cycle.”

Tooth gasped. “He laughed at her for that?”

“She thought she was bleeding to death. That’s why he laughed at her. Along with 2 other imbeciles.”

“That’s not the Jack I know,” Tooth said, and the others shook their heads.

“He hasn’t done that to you, has he?”

“I haven’t gotten it yet.”

“How old are you?”


“You must be an immortal.”


“Yeah, immortal. Like your father.”

“My father isn’t immortal.”

“Yes, he is, Princess Jessica.”

“He’s over 300 years old.” Bunny said.


“Your father is Jack Frost, Princess.” North said.

“Call me Jess.” Jessica replied.

“Jess, you have to be an immortal.”

“If I’m an immortal, can I turn others immortal too?”

“No. Usually, once you die, if you’re special enough, you rise back up, and then you become an immortal. Unless you’re the kin of an immortal, then you in turn will become immortal at a certain age.” North explained. “If you give birth to an immortal, that will turn you immortal, too, although in some cases that doesn’t happen. Such as your mother. She gave birth to an immortal, which was you, but she didn’t turn immortal. Unless she did and isn’t showing it.”

“Over the years, I’ve seen Daddy hasn’t aged.”

“Because he’s an immortal.”

Jessica was silent.

“Just like Jack. He’s usually the quiet type.”

She nodded.

“Carrie, that means she’s immortal, too, right? Because she died and then rose up again?”

“Yes, Carrie is immortal.”

“Good. I don’t think I could live life without her.”

“Now, why don’t we get back to your father? He’s probably worried about you.”

“I doubt that. He’s ignored me my entire life, as if I weren’t there. Besides, my other side hurt Anna. He’s sure to blame me for that.”

The Guardians were silent. Then North said, “Being a royal has changed Jack to the point where we don’t recognize him anymore. He’s changed significantly.”

“Does he still like to have fun?” Tooth asked.

“Yeah, he does.”

“What’s his idea of fun?” North asked Jessica.

“Snowball fights, making snow sculptures, that kind of thing.”

“So a part of the old Jack still exists.” Tooth said.

“What will he do once he must abdicate?” North asked.

“I don’t know. He acts like he never will.”

“He knows he will have to at some point.” North replied.

She didn’t say anything for a moment. Then she spoke.

“The question is, who will I become once that time comes? I won’t be a princess forever.”

“Yes, you will. You won’t have the title, but you’ll have the royal bloodline.”

“I wonder how Daddy will react to not being a king once it gets to that point.”

“He’ll get over it. He spent 300 years not being a royal. He’s gotten used to being a monarch pretty easily. It’ll be hard for him to get used to less than monarch comfort, even though that’s what he accepted before.” Tooth said.

“What do you mean?”

“Before he married your mother, he wasn’t a royal. He was a Guardian-heck, he still is, he’s just not as active a Guardian as he was before. He was a common teen,” Bunny said.

Jessica looked surprised.

“He said he didn’t want me playing with the village kids because they were below me in position. I was 10 when I asked that.”

“Now that’s just ridiculous.”

“It’s the truth, Bunny.”

“This description of Jack is NOTHING like I remember him.” North said. “I’ve never heard of Jack telling ANYONE not to play with someone because they were lower in position!”

“Well, that’s what happens when you’ve been a royal for 17 years. You change, even if you don’t want to. You do whatever you can to keep everyone safe,” Jessica said.

“And in the process you get comfort and luxury,” Bunny said,

“Do you want to see him?” Jessica said.

“Can you lead us to him, Jess?”

“Yes.” Jessica said. “Come on.”

She then led them back to Arendelle. At the border of Arendelle and the woods, she then said, “No one will be able to see me, so if you’re going to talk, talk to each other, not to me, until we get to the doors. Then, I’ll lead you to either Daddy’s office, if he’s in there, or the throne room.”

The Guardians nodded.

She led them through the village. The kids ran around them, which meant that they believed in the Guardians.

Then they went through the palace doors, and the Guardians were amazed.

When they reached Jack’s office,the door was closed. Jessica knocked, and Jack’s voice came through the door, “Come in.”

Jessica opened the door but stayed out of sight. The Guardians went in, and Jessica peered over the doorway, barely visible.

Jack was sitting at the desk, reading a document. When he saw the Guardians, his face took on an expression of surprise. “Well, this is...unexpected. Hey, guys!”

“Hey, Jack!” Tooth said. She tried to curtsy but couldn’t.

Jack noticed and chuckled, standing up and leaning over the desk, using his hands for support. “You don’t have to bow to me.”

Tooth blushed.

“What are you doing here?” Jack asked.

North turned around and said, “Jess, come on. It’ll be alright.”

That caught Jack’s attention. “Jess?”

Jessica finally appeared. She looked afraid.

Jack saw her and said, “Jessica. You’re back.” He didn’t sound happy.

The other Guardians turned and saw her. “Jess, you don’t need to be afraid of him.” Tooth said.

She then turned towards Jack, who looked disappointed in her.

Jessica looked at him for a few seconds and the Guardians sensed some sort of tension between the two. There was silence for only a moment, and then Jack spoke, anger in his voice.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t come back. After all, you’re with the enemy. Even though you made a correct prediction that Pitch would betray us. I guess you were his way of betraying us. Hypnotizing you, making you like him.”

There was silence. Then Jack continued, seeing that Jessica wasn’t going to say anything.

“I thought you decided you were the villain. I was really hoping you wouldn’t come back. You’re a villain, as much as I hate to say it. You’re with the enemy.”

“I knew you wouldn’t REALLY want me back, despite your acting like you did.”

Jack’s eyes narrowed. “Actually, I did want you back. Until you turned into a villain. Dark and mysterious. Then again, now that I think about it, you became more and more mysterious ever since that witch Carrie died.”

“If anyone’s a witch, it’s me. You want someone to burn? Burn me. I will not care.”

Jack was surprised, despite not showing it. He got up and walked around the desk, right in front of Jessica.

“I won’t take that tone from you. I won’t let you burn. I care about you, Jess.”

“You have a strange way of showing it.”

Jack shook his head. She was being difficult again.

“If I didn’t care about you, I would have let you burn with Carrie. Face the facts, Jessica. Carrie is a witch and a villain. She will always be one!”

“Then I will be one with her.”

She then turned into Hecate and stormed away.

“HECATE!” Jack shouted. He chased after her, the Guardians chasing after him.

They caught up with him a couple hallways later. Jack was standing in the middle of the hallway, looking confused. “She’s gone. Just...vanished. Disappeared.”

“Jack, did you really mean all of that you said back there? In your office?” Tooth asked.

Jack shook his head. “I did...back then. Now I don’t mean a word of it. I want her back. I want my daughter back.”

He was silent for a moment and then said, “Is she the reason that you came? To bring her back?”

“No. We came to see you.” North said.

“Jack, you’ve...changed. Jess described you earlier, and it’s nothing like we remember you.” Bunny said.

“Telling her not to play with the village kids because they were lower than her in rank, laughing at a girl because she thought that she was bleeding to death! Jack, that sounds nothing like you!” Tooth exclaimed.

Jack was silent. Then he put a hand to his forehead and sighed. “Yeah, I know, I was a real idiot back then. I still am. It’s being a royal. It changed me. I don’t even recognize myself anymore! I’ve been a real idiot.”

He was quiet for a moment, and then said, “If I could take everything back and undo my mistakes, I would do it for Jess. I care about her.” He paused, and then said, “There’s no way I can get her back.”

“Jack, if she’s working with Pitch, we can get her back. You can help us.” North said.

Jack shook his head. “I have to rule Arendelle. I can only be gone for a short time, and I don’t want to rouse suspicion.”

He dropped to his knees, bowed his head, and closed his eyes, and tears came flowing down his cheeks. “I just want Jess back,” he said, his voice cracking. Then, he began crying silently, his body shaking.

The Guardians knelt down beside him to comfort him. When he finally stopped crying, he then whispered, “Thank you.” He got back up on his feet and said, “I might want to get back to work.”

“We’ll do our best to find her, and we’ll let you know if we find her or not.”

Jack nodded. “Thanks, North.”

“No problem, Jack.”

Then he went back to his office, while the Guardians searched all over the world for Jessica, never finding her. However, they did find Hecate in the woods. her back was to them, a snow globe in her hand, showing her Jack. The snow globe was her own, with light blue snowflakes all over it.  

“Hecate! Your father wants you back!” North called

“He’s not my father, he is Jessica’s father,” Hecate replied, putting the snow globe into her dress pocket. “He’ll never get her back either. She’s trapped deep inside me, and you’ll get her out. She’s gone. I am here now.”

“Jessica, come back. Your father’s growing weaker every second you’re gone. He even broke down in front of us. And we ALL know that he rarely breaks down.”

Hecate paused, and then said, “He broke down?”

“Yes, he’s growing weaker each second you’re gone!”

Hecate looked at them, and finally changed into Jessica. She dove to Tooth and hugged her.

“I know that I might hurt him, and that’s why I stay away. I will continue to do so, and if Hecate shall destroy me, she shall do it out of his sight.”

“Jessica, where is Hecate?”

“Inside of me.”

“Then we shall bring you back to your father.”

“I cannot go back there.”

“Your father misses you deeply, Jessica. He cried earlier just thinking about you.”

Jessica stopped, and then said, “If Hecate destroys me in his sight, he is to blame Hecate, not me, for coming back.”

“Done,” North said. “Now come with us.”

Jessica followed them back to Arendelle, where Jack was in the courtyard,where There was a statue for Jack, Elsa, Anna, and Jessica. He was kneeling on one knee in front of Jessica’s statue.He had a rose without the thorns in his hand. He laid it down in front of her statue and bowed his head.

“I wish I could see the real you again, Jess. I wish I could see you before Hecate took you from me,” he said. He paused, and then said slowly, “Mark my words, Jess, I WILL destroy Hecate, and I will avenge you.”

Then North and the other Guardians appeared, and Jack got up quickly.

“What happened?” Jack said. “Did you find her?”

“We found her as Hecate, and she changed into Jessica.”

Then they stepped away to reveal Jessica.

“Jess!” Jack exclaimed. He raced toward her, grabbed her, lifted her up in the air, spun her around and hugged her, whispering, “I’m so glad you’re back!”

Jessica said nothing, but she smiled.

“Jess, I don’t mean anything I said last time. I take it all back.”


“Do you forgive me?”

“Yes,” Jessica said. She was silent, and then said, “But Hecate doesn’t.”

“Well, I don’t need Hecate. I only need you.”

However, Jessica then said, “Carrie?”

Carrie was behind Jack, smiling. She replied, “Jess.”

Jack looked behind him and stopped smiling. “Carrie, what are you doing here?”

She pointed to the statues. There were flowers at the bottom of each statue, even Jack’s.

“I put flowers at the bottom of the statues because I respect the people that they are.”

“ respect me?”


Jack paused and then said, “I didn’t...know that. Thank you. For respecting me.”

She nodded once and said, “You’re welcome, Your Majesty.”

Jack nodded a sign of approval of her address to him and turned back to Jessica.

She had changed her appearance. Her hair was still the color it always was, but her eyes were red and she seemed to have an aura of evil around her. Hecate, the goddess! She was doing this, sending this signal of evil around Jessica, making her different.

Just then, she vanished, and Carrie then said, “I’ll join her.”

Then Carrie vanished, too.

Then Jack was left alone with the Guardians.

Then he heard Hecate’s voice echo around him.

“I have her now! You will never get her back!”

“Jessica!” Jack called. She didn’t answer.

Then she appeared again.

But she appeared as someone different. Her white hair was in a bun, her dress black and ripped at the sleeves. When she spoke again, it was a different kind of voice. One that demanded evil and death’s destiny.

“If you want me, I’ll be in Villain Alley.”

Then she vanished.

Jack simply shook his head.

Hecate would pay.

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