Villainy: A Legacy of A Royal novel

Princess Jessica of Taiway is the crown princess, the daughter of Queen Elsa and King Jackson of Taiway, and well on the path of a proper royal.However, on misstep on Jack's part turns her to a different path. Once her father does wrong, a chain of events is activated, making her more and more angry, and more and more set on that dangerous path


8. Love vs. Dislike

Jessica and Carrie followed Jack through the forest. When Jack reached a cave, he signaled for his men to do the same. He then dismounted and lit a torch. His men did the same, and they went inside, with Jessica and Carrie watching.

    Then, Carrie and Jessica quietly made their way back to Arendelle. They snuck inside Carrie’s house and watched through the windows for anyone watching for them, making sure no one saw them.

Then, around sunset, Jack came back, a look of sorrow on his face. He looked at Elsa and Anna sadly.

“I couldn’t find her. I looked in every hideout my men and I knew. I don’t could she have disappeared like this?”

“I don’t know. I just hope we find her soon.”

“So do I, Elsa. So do I.”

Meanwhile, Jessica and Carrie then watched as Jack and Elsa went back into the palace and the villagers went back into their homes.

Then Jessica said, “How long do you think I can hide?”

“A while.”

“How long is a while?”

“I don’t know.”

Then, a week later, Jessica still hadn’t appeared. Jack was beginning to grow more impatient and more frantic by the day. Then one day, Jack then went into the forest again on a horse, this time with Louis and Stephen, to find Jessica. Jack heard screaming and galloped in that direction, and reached the scene just in time to find Jessica being tied up by Gabriel. He rapidly dismounted, and with the help of Stephen was able to throw Gabriel off of Jessica.

He then saw that Jessica was clutching a scythe over her head and was about to bring it down on him. He was able to grab the rod of the scythe and prevent it from cutting him.

“Jess! It’s okay! It’s me! Jess!” Jack exclaimed. Then finally, he then said, “It’s Daddy, Jess!”

Jess stopped for a moment, and then said weakly, “Daddy?”

“Yes, Jess,” Jack said, smiling gently. “It’s me.”

Jessica stopped for a second, and then she was still. He gently took the scythe from her hands, dropped it on the ground and whispered, “It’s me.”

Meanwhile, Louis and Stephen had chased Gabriel off.

Then Jessica’s face took on a look of misery. She hugged him. He went rigid and finally, getting down on his knees, he hugged her back.

He then took her hand, leading her, the horse, Louis and Stephen back to Arendelle. Before they left, Jessica grabbed the scythe, transformed it into a box the size of her palm, and slipped it into her dress pocket.

“I know you didn’t want to get married, although yesterday was your wedding day. Well, was SUPPOSED to be your wedding day. Once we get back, you will be wed to Louis, and both of you will stay here to live with us.”

Jessica was happy that they were staying there. It meant that she could see Carrie.

“Stephen will go back after the wedding.”


“Now, once you two marry, you can spend time together, because I know that you haven’t spent much, or ANY, time together. So the hours before bedtime once we get back will be your time to spend with Louis. How does that sound, Louis?”

“That sounds just fine, Your Majesty.”


It took 15 minutes for them to get back. When Jack emerged from the forest, the crowd cheered, and when they saw Jessica, everybody curtsied, even Carrie.

Then Jack announced to the crowd, “Jessica and Louis will be wed tomorrow evening at 5 pm! It is to give them enough time to spend time with each other and get ready for the wedding!”

The crowd cheered. The only ones not smiling were Elsa, Carrie, and Jessica.

Then, at sunset, Jessica and Louis were sitting by the pier. There weren’t any guards around, but there were a few watching.

Louis started up the conversation.

“So-ah, Jess, what do you like to do for fun?”

“In what season?”

“Any season.”


“Walk in the garden.”


“Sit here by the pier and play in the water.”


“Stomp in the leaves.”


“Snowball fights with Anna.”

“I like snowball fights, too.”

Jessica didn’t say anything.

“I have a confession to make.”

Again, silence.

“I know you have ice magic. And I know you have the scythe with you.”

“I know you know.”


“Nothing I see slips from my memory.”

This time, Louis was silent. Then:



“Do you love me?”

Jessica was silent. She thought, I don’t love him! How am I supposed to tell him that formally without hurting his feelings? What did Daddy say about that? I forgot! Daddy wouldn’t be happy with that.

“I’m sorry, Louis, but no.”

“Oh.” Louis said.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s all right.”

They were both silent.

Then Louis said, “We’re to be married tomorrow.”

“I know.”

“We better go to our rooms now.”

Jessica got up and left Louis at the pier. Louis followed her until he got to his room, and then knocked on his father’s door.

Stephen called, “Come in!”

Louis went in, shut the door, and said to Stephen, “She doesn’t love me.”

“How do you know?”

“She told me. Politely, I might add.”

“She just has to get used to you. That’s all.”

Meanwhile, Jessica was in her room, staring out the window. She heard knocking and the door opening, and it was Jack. She could see his reflection in the window. She didn’t turn around, just stared straight ahead.

“So I heard you don’t love Louis.”

“It is hard to love someone you barely know that you are simply not interested in.”

“All right, I’ll give you that. You just have to get used to him. Then, done! Love’s right there.”

“It is not that simple in my opinion.”

“It may not be in yours, but it is in mine.”

“Louis knows I have ice magic.”

“He told me that. He said he’s still willing to marry you.”


Jessica was silent.

“I mean, who wouldn’t want to marry you? You’re talented, intelligent, and beautiful.”

“Thank you.”

“Now, it’s 9 pm. You should go to bed, you have to get ready and spend time with Louis tomorrow. I don’t think you want to be irritable tomorrow, now do you?”


“Good. Good night, Jess.”

“Night, Daddy.”

He closed the door. Jessica didn’t move for a couple of seconds, but then got up, got changed into a nightgown. But instead of going to sleep, she stared at the glow-in-the-dark stars on her ceiling.

She began thinking. What would the wedding be like? She hated being the center of attention. Why Louis? She didn’t love him! Why did any of this have to happen?

Then it was morning. She got up, got ready, and went out to the fountain.  Within minutes, Louis came out and saw her staring at the fountain. He then said, “Hello, Jessica.”

“Hello, Louis.”

“How are you?”

“Fine. And you?”


They were silent for a moment. Then Louis said, “Did you see the sunrise this morning?”


“What did you think of it?”

“It was pretty.”

“Yes, it was.”

Then Louis brightened and said, “I heard you were friends with a commoner! Perhaps we can meet them!”

Jessica then looked at Louis and said, “She’s a she. I suppose so.”

“I used to be friends with a commoner. Then I ended up being busy with lessons.”

“Come with me.”

Louis followed Jessica to Carrie’s house. She knocked and called, “Carrie! I have someone for you to meet!”

Carrie opened the door, saw Louis, and curtsied. “Hello, Your Royal Highness.”

“Carrie, this is Louis, the one I was talking to you about.”

“Hello, Carrie.”

“LOUIS! JESSICA!” Stephen called to them. “COME HERE!”

Jessica looked upset.

“Don’t worry, we’re not in trouble.” Louis assured her.

They left Carrie after saying goodbye.

When they reached Stephen, he said, “King Jackson would like to see you both.”

They went to Jack. When they reached him, Louis bowed and Jessica curtsied.

“You two, I need you to get ready for the wedding. I know it’s only noon, but I know from experience that takes a long time to get ready. Jess, your mother and Anna will help you, as well as your ladies-in-waiting.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Louis, your father and I and a few others will help you.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Call me Jack. You are to be my son-in-law in a few hours anyway.”


“Jess, go to your bedroom. They’re already there.”

“Yes, Daddy.”
    “If I may ask, why does she call you ‘Daddy’?” Louis asked after Jess had run off.

“It’s a habit.”


“Right. Now let’s get you ready.”

Meanwhile Jessica went to her bedroom. Elsa, Anna, and a few other ladies were already there.

“Ok, Jess, let’s get you out of that dress, first.” Elsa said.

They undressed her and put a corset on her first.

“I hate corsets.”

“I know. But it’s fashion.”

After that, they then put on her an ice blue wedding dress, to match the color of her magic. They then put on ice blue eyeshadow to match her dress. After that they put her hair into braids. Then they added the finishing touch: a necklace with an ice blue snowflake as the pendant.

All this took 4 hours. It was an hour before the wedding itself, but already people were flooding into the chapel.

Then Jack knocked on the door, and Elsa opened it.

“Is she ready?”

Elsa smiled. “She’s ready.”

Elsa opened the door all the way, showing Jessica in her wedding gown.

Jack took one look at her and said, “You look beautiful, Jess.”

“Thank you.”

“Louis is ready. Louis, come here.”

Louis appeared in the doorway, wearing a white prince’s uniform. He had a sword hidden underneath his clothes. No one knew, but Jessica had hidden a sword underneath her own clothes when no one was looking.

Then, an hour later, the wedding began to start. Jessica walked down the aisle. Anna, Elsa, and Jack sat in the front row.

Jack looked at Jess and smiled. Jessica did not smile back. Her anger had gone up to a point of no return. As she had walked down the aisle, she had done her best to keep her magic concealed.

She reached the front and faced Louis. When she did, he smiled at her. She didn’t smile back.

Then, as they reached the vows, someone came in. Jessica looked and saw who it was. Gabriel, and behind him, a man in his late teens. Maybe Jessica’s age.

Louis looked where she did, so did Jack. When he saw Gabriel, he looked at Elsa and whispered, “Gabriel’s here. There’s someone with him.”

“I didn’t invite him!” Elsa whispered back.

“Neither did I.”

“Why is here?”

“Jessica. He’s here for Jessica.”

Gabriel and the man had made their way to the front and the marriage official said, “What are you doing up here, sirs?”

“I’m here for Jessica,” Gabriel said. “She is to be my son’s bride.”

“No.” Stephen said. He’d been sitting in the front row with Elsa, Anna, and Jack. “She is my son’s bride.”

“Not anymore,” Gabriel said, and he grabbed Jessica’s hand and guided it to the man’s.

“She is Edward’s bride now,” he said. Jessica instantly snapped her hand back.

“No.” Jack said, standing up. “You’re not welcome here. GUARDS!” he called. “Seize them!”

They seized Edward and Gabriel and took them down into the dungeon.

Then Jack said to the marriage official, “Continue.”

So he continued, and then, suddenly, Jessica then saw that Louis was about to put the ring on her finger and swallowed. No, no, no, no.

Then something overtook her. It was happening again.

She knew what had happened. Everything had gone black, but she knew. Her eyes had gone red. Her nails had turned into claws. She had turned into the demon version of herself.

She heard Louis cry out and everything was silent. Finally her vision came back. She saw everything  and looked at her hands. Claws. She rolled her tongue over her teeth. Razor sharp. The demon had come.

She looked up and saw everyone’s horrified looks. She looked at her father and saw his look of shock, along with her mother, Anna, and Stephen.

“Nobody gets me!” she said, her voice so low it was almost impossible. Her voice echoed throughout the chapel.

Then Carrie ran to her and whispered to her, “Calm down, Jess, calm down.”

Jessica shrieked so loud the stained glass windows shattered.

When it died down, they looked at her with shock. Then she stood up straight and her eyes GLOWED blue. She couldn't control it!  Then she closed them and opened. Everything was okay now. She looked at her hands. No claws. She rolled her tongue over her teeth again. Normal.

She didn’t know what had happened. But right then she looked at her father and her mother. They were horrified. She dashed out of the chapel. Jack instantly followed. Elsa after him. Anna after her. Stephen went up to Louis and stood next to him.

Jack followed Jessica back to the palace. When he did, he followed her into a maze of secret passageways in a wall. He ended up losing her and called out, “Jessica!”

No answer.

He then heard footsteps behind her. It was Elsa.

“Jack! Stephen and Louis are coming! They’ll help you find Jess! What are you doing in here?”

“She led me into here!”

“I didn’t even know these were here!”

“I did,” Anna said, coming up behind them.

“Do you know your way around?” Jack asked her.


“I need you to help me find Jess. She ran in here and I lost her.”

They heard screaming and Jack knew by the voice that it was Jess.

They ran in the direction of the screaming, but couldn’t find her.

They bolted all over the secret passageways, but Jessica was never found.

Then, 2 days later, Stephen left the kingdom with Louis, promising to be allies but refusing to have Jessica be wed to Louis, as Louis didn’t want to be married to someone who didn’t love him.

Then Jack went into the secret passages again, hoping to find her.

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