Villainy: A Legacy of A Royal novel

Princess Jessica of Taiway is the crown princess, the daughter of Queen Elsa and King Jackson of Taiway, and well on the path of a proper royal.However, on misstep on Jack's part turns her to a different path. Once her father does wrong, a chain of events is activated, making her more and more angry, and more and more set on that dangerous path


3. Frozen Fountain

    Five years later, on May 14th, Jack went to Jessica’s bedroom, and knocked on the door.

    “Who is it?” called Jessica.

    “Jess, you need to come with me to the throne room.”


    Jessica came out of her room wearing a light blue satin dress that went down to her ankles, and Jack was impressed.

    “That’s a nice dress.”

    “Thank you.”

    They then reached the throne room, and inside were 15 suitors in a row, standing tall and firm.When Jess and Jack came in, they bowed, and then straightened. She asked her questions without looking at him, remembering what he said before.

    “You have a lot of men here, Daddy.”

    “They are your suitors, Jessica.”

    “My suitors?”

    “They’re the people who want your heart, Jess. They love you.”

    “Why are they all in a row?”

    “So that it would be easier for you to pick.”

    “Why must I pick?”

    “It’s either you get married or you lose your dignity.”

    Jessica was silent, and stared straight ahead. She was in shock. Get married? At 15? Not happening!

    “Why am I getting married at 15? I have a long life ahead of me.”

    “Exactly. A long life of ruling a kingdom.”

    “I think I should get to know them first.”

    “If it helps you choose, then go ahead.”

    Jessica endured a long 4 hours taking notes on every suitor. When she was done, she showed them to Jack.

    “This is...outstanding. You literally penned every suitor’s personality on paper.”

    “It took me 4 hours.”

    “That’s why it’s outstanding. You did a good job, Jess. Have you chosen yet?”


    “You have to choose someone.”

He handed the notes back to Jess. Jessica then immediately left to tell her mother.

    Elsa grew more angry, and talked to Jack about the marriage, and finally, Jack called Jessica to the throne room.

    “I told you, Jess, it’s either you get married, or you lose your dignity.”

    “I’d rather lose my nobility than get married.”

    She then lifted the tiara off her head and threw it down at Jack’s feet. She then turned and ran off, ignoring Jack’s calls to come back. She ran outside, and made a fountain. Jack had followed and knew exactly what she was going to do.

    “Jess, no!”

    Jessica moved rapidly and picked a nearby rose. Then she raced up onto the pedestal of the fountain.


    She then made a pose on the pedestal: she pressed the rose to her chest, then put out her hand, freezing over like Anna had in the process.

    “NO!” Jack cried. He raced over to where Jessica, now frozen, was standing.

    “No….” he whispered. He then fell to his knees.

    “Jessica….” Elsa whispered.

    Anna saw what had happened. She then reached out, and took Jessica’s hand, reached out…

    Nothing happened.

    “This is why you don’t force her to do something she doesn’t want to.” Elsa whispered to Jack.

    “You think I don’t see that?”

    Unbeknownst to them, Jessica was watching. Her eyes were still open.She could see what was happening. She could create an inscription, but chose not to. She didn’t want to talk. Let Dad suffer, she thought. He deserved it.

    Nighttime, 3 months later. Jessica then decided that it was time. She wanted to see how they were doing, anyway. She then unfroze herself, ice chips dropping and shattering on the stone ground, dropped the rose, and went inside the castle.

    She went quickly, making her way through the winding hallways. When she reached her parent’s bedroom, she realized she couldn’t just go in. So she went through a secret passage in the wall, and was able to see through a hidden vent-like hole in the wall. Jack was standing at the window, his hands behind his back (his usual position) and Elsa was arguing with him.

    “Jack, Jess is a fountain statue, and you’re sitting here saying that she deserves to stay that way!”

    “I’m not saying that.”

    “Then what are you saying?”

    “I’m saying that she should have listened, and she should have seen it my way.”

    “What was your way?”

    “That if she gets married, then we’ll have an alliance,and then if we ever go to battle, we’ll have an alliance to help us out.”
    “She didn’t want to get married!”

“Why not?”

“Because she doesn’t want to get married to someone hurtful like you!”

“How did I hurt her?”


Jack was silent.

“They even made a promise together that you made Jess break!”

“What was the promise?”

“That if one of them died, the other would die with them.”

“That’s a stupid promise.”

“To you. But you didn’t care about Carrie like she did.”

“Carrie was a witch. Let’s face it. She was a witch. She did not

deserve to live.”

    “You are cruel, you know that?”

    “I have to be cruel in order to restore order to everything. It’s hard being so cruel, but she has to learn to obey me. I realize there’s other ways, but I chose this one, and this is how I’m going to have her obey me.”

    “You’re forcing Jessica to marry, you burned her best friend…”

    “Carrie was a witch.”

    “So are we.”

    “Don’t go there, Elsa.”

    “Jack…Jess is a fountain statue. She’s standing out there right now, waiting for something. I want to know what she’s waiting for.”

“She’s waiting for my apology, which she will never get, because if she had seen it my way, she wouldn’t be in the position she is now.”

Elsa was silent now.

“Do you agree?”

“Yes, with your reasoning, and no, because she still deserves an apology. But it’s not from me.”

“Who is it from, then?”


Jack was silent, and then said:

“Maybe you’re right. I was too cruel.”

“No, you ARE too cruel.”

“I will not apologize. I was taught not to by my father.”

“Then I’ll do it for you.”

Elsa promptly left, and raced out the front gates.

Jessica then went back to the fountain, and retook her position, freezing over as she did so.

Elsa then came to Jessica’s fountain and took her hand just as Jack came through the gates after Elsa.

“Look, Elsa, it’s been hard. Jess is a frozen fountain statue because of what I did.”

He then turned away from Jessica, and his eyes had tears. His daughter was frozen on that fountain base because of what he had forced her to do.Without looking at Jess, he said:

“Jess...if you don’t forgive me, that’s okay. I don’t deserve it. But I want you to know that I will always love you, no matter what.”

He paused, and then said the words:

“I hope you can hear me.”

Then, Jack thought he heard something cracking. He looked at Jessica’s statue, the ice cracking and falling to the ground in shards. She was unfreezing!

However, when Jessica was fully unfrozen, she was looking daggers down at him. He realized that and said:

“Jess, I know you’re angry with me, but I PROMISE I will make it up to you.”

“You cannot ‘make up to me’ what you did. Carrie’s dead, and those suitors are probably still here, waiting to see me. Right now, Carrie’s the only person I want to talk to, and she’s dead.”

She had stepped off the pedestal and was now in front of Jack, her eyes fiery. Then she turned away and walked in the direction of the graveyard, where Carrie’s headstone stood. She then knelt down and traced Carrie’s name engraved in the stone with her finger.

“She was my best friend. Now she’s gone, and I have no one, thanks to you,” Jessica said, turning to Jack.

Jack didn’t look sorry, and he didn’t feel sorry. At that moment, something in him snapped. He then said angrily to Jessica:

“If you freeze over again, I’m not going to care. If you end up dying, I hope you do.”

“JACK!” Elsa cried, horrified.

Jack then wheeled around and stalked back to the castle.

“Jess, I’m sorry. What he did was unforgivable.”

“I hope he gets out of this mood soon.”

“He was never like this before we married. Something else must be going on, something I don’t know about.”

“I think I know.”


“It’s his anger that’s the problem. He needs to learn to control his temper.”

“I think you’re right. He does need to learn.”

“I’ll stay a fountain statue.I DO NOT want to deal with him right now.”

“I don’t approve of it, but all right, if that’s what you want.”

The next day, a villager went outside to discover that Jessica’s frozen statue was covered in blood. When Jack came out and saw it, he raced to Jessica’s statue and whispered, “ did this happen?”

Inside that frozen shell mirroring Jessica’s image, Jessica’s body was as good as gone. She wasn’t alive anymore, or so it seemed.

Then, Jessica’s statue began to unfreeze. Chips of ice fell to the ground, shattering on impact. When the shell was entirely thawed, her body turned and began to fall backward. The rose, now black as death(however, it was not wilted) fell from Jessica’s cold, pale hand.

Jack caught Jessica before she landed on the stone ground. He then knelt with her in his arms, and whispered:

“I’m sorry, Jess. If I could do everything all over again, believe me, I would.”

Elsa came up behind Jack and gasped.

“Jess...Jack, is she…”

Jack was silent for a moment, and then said, “Yeah...she’s gone.”

Elsa fell to her knees beside Jack, crying. Jack wasn’t crying, but his eyes were full of sorrow and grief.

Then Anna said, “She’s not dead.”

“How do you know, Anna?”

“Put your fingers right on her neck.” She then guided Jack’s fingers towards Jessica’s vein on her neck, where he could then feel a slight heartbeat.

“Elsa, she’s alive.”

“What?” Elsa asked, wiping her eyes to keep tears from flowing down, so that she could see.

“Jess is alive.”

Then, Jack saw that Jessica’s eyes were beginning to open. He then said, “Jess!”

However, there was something wrong. Jessica’s eyes were RED, not blue, like their natural color.

“Jess? What’s going on with your eyes?”

Jessica said nothing. She simply sat up, and stared at everyone around her.

“Jess?” Elsa asked.

“My name is not Jessica,” Jessica replied. Her voice sounded different. It sounded couldn’t be!

“Yes, it is. That’s what we named you.”

“My name is Carrie. Carrie White. The one you burnt to death.”

Jessica/Carrie then shot up into the air, hovering over her fountain, which was still flowing water peacefully. She then landed on the pedestal.

“My name is Carrieta White, and I will prove it!”

Then she lifted up a bench with just her mind-and everyone saw it.

“She’s gone into Princess Jessica’s body!”

“She’s back!”

“Carrie White’s back!”

The townspeople were scared. But Jessica/Carrie was not done with them yet.

She then transformed into Carrie, before she was accused, wearing a long white dress.

“Jessica said that I could use her body when she was too weak to use it. So that’s what I’m doing.”

“Carrie, give us Jessica back. Please,” Jack said to Carrie.

“How about a compromise? If I make Jess stronger, and then give her back, I can live on right next to her.”


“I can be with her in body AND spirit.”

“I don’t trust you.”

“Then you don’t get her back. It’s just me.”

“Fine. BUT only because we’ll get Jessica back.”

“Remember, you promised.”

Then, Carrie turned back into Jessica, while Carrie’s real body, which was underground, healed and rose from the grave.

Then, Jessica raced to Carrie’s grave, the earth heaving. When Carrie climbed out of her grave, Jessica helped her out.

    Carrie was then accepted as a citizen once again, and no one dared to say anything that would hurt her.

    After that, Jack then said to Jess, “You still have your nobility, and you still have to marry, Jess. You don’t have a choice in that.”

    Jessica looked at him, and then walked back into the castle, out of sight.

    He was going to pay for something that was out of his control.

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