New Australia

Amaryllis is a talented girl who unfortunatly has had a not so great past, so when she gets the oppertunity to leave it all behind, she takes it. She and her mom move to Australia where she starts all the way from the bottom, persueing her talent of voice to become reality. But what lies behind fame? She finds out the world is even darker than she thought.

"Life is harder when you are in the spotlight"


3. Linetohn High


Amaryllis' POV:

"Today is my first day at school, YAY!" I say to myself. I am sitting downstairs at the dinner table, mom has already left the house, so I am alone. I check my phone, I notice my new Youtube cover video has gotten 1.000 likes already. I smile, this is going great.
Yesterday night I sat thinking about where I wanted to go with my talent.


Well, I did not see it as a talent at first, but my mom and friends kept telling me I could sing I thought not, until I had to sing solo for my school. My mom posted it on youtube and that's how it all started.


I figured nobody knew me here, so maybe I could sign up for the singing class. I would enjoy it very much.
I looked at the clock, " 8 o clock allready????!!! I need to hurry up!". And so I ran to the hallway and grabbed my coat and backpack, snatched my keys of the shelf and grabbed my bike. Going great so far, -_-.



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