New Australia

Amaryllis is a talented girl who unfortunatly has had a not so great past, so when she gets the oppertunity to leave it all behind, she takes it. She and her mom move to Australia where she starts all the way from the bottom, persueing her talent of voice to become reality. But what lies behind fame? She finds out the world is even darker than she thought.

"Life is harder when you are in the spotlight"


2. Falldern street 3



When Amaryllis and her mom arrived at their new home 2 days ago they were suprised by the beautiful surroundings, there was a huge tree in the middle of the 4 houses, including her's. Behind her house there was a tiny lake which looked perfect for the summer. At the time, it was summer in Australia, while it was winter at her old home in the UK.
Amaryllis sat on her chair in her new room reading and paused to look at the small children playing in the lake. She reconised one of the children, Maria is her name, her mother came to welcome them yesterday and brought the 8 year old Maria with her.
Amary was looking forward to the next day, as she was to be heading to school tomorrow. She, of course, had to switch schools. And is now attending Linetohn High school, which is 10 minutes from her home.

She proceeded to close her book and went downstairs, walking to the living room. She saw her mom unpacking some of the last things the delivery truck had brought, and smiled. "Mom, I am going to the lake, okay?" Amaryllis said. Mom looked up and nodded, "Sure, but be back before 6." Amaryllis put on her trainers and went outside. Outside it was so sunny it could blind you, and it was very warm. She walked to the lake and took of her clothes, underneath she was wearing a dark blue bikini with silver details. Amaryllis thought for a moment, but then jumped right in. Which made the water go everywhere. The kids sqealed with laughter and she smiled. All of a sudden she felt her heart race, she saw a boy, about her age, (Which was 15), with green eyes and dark blond locks. He smiled at her, and she smiled back. Then she heard someone call a name, "Kendall! Come inside I said! Yeez." it said. The boy turned around and began to walk to house number 1 but just before entering he glimpsed back at me, and smiled.


Amary went back to her house still blushing and thinking about him.


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