It's just a lot of feelings and thoughts that I've been carrying around for too long. It can be a bit too much, especially for people who has experienced domestic abusive, or been suffering from depression


6. Silence

People says that I can trust them.

That I can open up to them, and tell them my story.

They say that everything that happened in the past wasn't my fault

and that it wouldn't change their opinion of me.

But what if it does? What if everything that happened, was my fault.

If I really put all of my cards on the table, and opened up about myself.

Would they accept me? Accept my flaws, and my mistakes.

Or would they abandon me. Leave me and all of my broken pieces behind?


I feel like, if I finally let my mask fall, and take the tape off my mouth, everybody would see me.

See everything, that I don't want to show anybody. They would hear my voice, that would crack after every third word.

People wouldn't understand, and they would look out of the window, waiting for me to stop speaking. Unpatiently.

I can't let anybody see me. I will stay quiet until the day I die, because that is what they truly want.

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