It's just a lot of feelings and thoughts that I've been carrying around for too long. It can be a bit too much, especially for people who has experienced domestic abusive, or been suffering from depression


4. Careless

I've never been good with words.

They always came out a the wrong time, and they never made much sense.

I make people confused, and I hurt them. I don't know how to act.


I've never been good at understanding.

People have so many problems all the time, yet they never want to change.

They come to me, as if I would know what to do. I don't understand. 


I've never been a good friend.

I always put myself first, and I never really care about what other people says.

I'm locked up behind my mask. I tell people that I care. That I understand what they're going through

but in reality, I'm clueless. 


I never really fit in.

I've tried. God, I've tried, but I'm just so different.

I don't care about school. I don't care about celebrities, and I don't give a damn about

stupid teenage problems. I can't relate to anything that people tells me, and I couldn't care less

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