Silent Hill 8: Night Ghost

Two serial killers come together and become close friends before getting caught and ending up in holding. When they break out they head towards the nearest town, known as Silent Hill. However, strange things start to happen and the two must fight together to make it out alive.


2. Prologue

The man dressed in soot black clothes sped through the woods, chasing the other with pure determination as he stomped down, making himself skid to a halt as the other jumped off the cliff into the ravine, which had a river flowing through it.


 "Missed him, chief. Nightslicer got away."


"Come back to base."


Down the river, a tent was formed by the bank with a chair, table and empty plate. On the bank a man sat, wearing a white turtleneck sweater with matching pants and a brown blanket wrapped around him. He was fishing, but since nothing was biting, he set his pole down and took out his mask which was hidden under the blanket. After looking down the stream to see a man floating, he put on the white and black mask and walked over carefully.


"Stranger?...You alright?.." he said in a slight country accent


The man didn't answer. So the other scooped him up and laid him down in his tent, pulling his blanket over him and starting a fire as the day drawled on to become night.


"This man is Nightslicer, that famous killer..." he chuckled "Guess that makes two of us...."


"You're a killer too?" 


Jack, the masked one, would have nearly spat out his coffee at the sound of the other's voice.




"Who would of thought I'd run into the Ghost."


Jack shuddered at the name "Yeah..."


"Is that all you can say?"








Nightslicer shook his head and laughed before laying back down and grinning, "If I pay you, will you let me stay?"




"Yeah. You're a good killer, Ghost. We should work together." he sat back up and held out a hand


"You don't need to pay me to work with you, sir." Ghost shook his hand and smiled under his mask

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