Silent Hill 8: Night Ghost

Two serial killers come together and become close friends before getting caught and ending up in holding. When they break out they head towards the nearest town, known as Silent Hill. However, strange things start to happen and the two must fight together to make it out alive.


1. Character Info

Name: Satoshi Kurakawa
Nickname: Nightslicer
Age: 24
Style: Assassin
Weapon: Various knives
Spouse: Jodie Kurakawa (Deceased)
Children: Chi Kurakawa, Sam Kurakawa
Mental Health: Psychopath/Psychosis, Bipolar, OCD


Name: Jack Mikkel
Nickname: Ghost
Age: 22
Style: Hunter
Weapon: Metal Pipe, 5mm handgun, anything nearby,
Spouse: N/A
Children: Ilijah Mikkel (N/A)
Mental Health: Schizophrenia, OCD

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