Silent Hill 8: Night Ghost

Two serial killers come together and become close friends before getting caught and ending up in holding. When they break out they head towards the nearest town, known as Silent Hill. However, strange things start to happen and the two must fight together to make it out alive.


4. Chapter Two - Ashes to Ashes

The two men walked through the ashes, following the abandoned road towards the town. Jack, limping while holding onto Satoshi, turned his head before yelling out. Satoshi turned as well to see a blob of a creature swipe towards them. He pulled out his pistol and shot at it before hitting its head. They both huffed as the monster laid there, making strange noises, as if whispering something.


Ghost shook his head and pulled the other's shirt. His face was pale but covered in specs of ashes. He nodded and they started walking again, past a house that looked as if it had been burnt down along with a large semi.


After a bit, they came into town. The shops were dark and dim, buildings were breaking apart. Foundations were crumbling. Everything was abandoned.


"What...happened here?.." Mikkel glanced about, gripping Satoshi's shoulder

"I don't know. But we have to find a way out of here." he mumbled


They both turned as they heard a scream from a woman. Nightslicer went to run towards the sound, but Ghost pulled him back


"I can't run!" he blurted out

"Stay here, okay? I'll be back in a minute." he handed him one of his pistols then sped off.  


Jack sat down on the ground, grunting in pain as he looked around, making sure nothing was around. Then he heard Satoshi scream and heard running footsteps. The tall figure of Satoshi was running over as he was being chased by something even bigger. It had a single eye on it's head, long arms, and a skinny body, as if it hadn't eaten in months. No, years.


"Run, Jack!"

"I can't!"


Ghost shot at the monster before he was scooped up by the larger male, running off to safety in a hospital nearby.


"That was close.."

"What was that thing!?"

"I..I don't know.."


Kurakawa turned to look around the lobby, looking at the magazines that hadn't been changed in years.


"We're in Silent Hill."

"I saw the sign, but didn't think much of it." He turned to look at the other, raising a brow, "Is that bad?"

"Very. We have to get out of here."

"What's the rush?"


They both turned quickly, staring at the man in front of them. He was wearing a white lab coat, glasses, had brown almost black hair, and was smiling.


"Sir, what are you doin' here?!" Jack asked, pointing at him

"It's not nice to point, but I work here. I'm a doctor here at this hospital."

"Well, sir, this place is abandoned. Why are you still here?"

"It's not abandoned."

The two killers raised a brow, "What do you mean?"

"You know."


The mysterious man turned and left, disappearing into his office. Jack, having enough of the confusion, slammed open the door.


"Who are y-"   He stopped.


The room was empty. The only thing in the room was a practice dummy laying on the table, a desk, some papers spread out everywhere, some cabinets and a bulletin board.  


"Where...did he go?"



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