Silent Hill 8: Night Ghost

Two serial killers come together and become close friends before getting caught and ending up in holding. When they break out they head towards the nearest town, known as Silent Hill. However, strange things start to happen and the two must fight together to make it out alive.


3. Chapter One - Into the Abyss

"This is what happens when you don't ask for directions!"

"Look, okay, I know. I know!"


The two stood close while arguing before both giving a sigh and looking down at the ground.


"Satoshi, I'm tired..."

"I know, I know. Just get back on the bike."


Jack nodded and got on, putting on his helmet before Satoshi followed. The blonde grabbed hold of the handles as the other wrapped his arms around him. Ghost hid his face in Satoshi's back as they sped down the road as it snowed.


"Satoshi, aren't we going a little fast?!"

"The cops are on us, Jack, got any better ideas?!"

"We're on ice! Don't- LOOK OUT!"


Satoshi stomped on the brakes, but they failed as the radio roared with static. He turned as the car sped past them, making them hit the side of the road. Everything went black as Ghost screamed.


When Toshi awoke, he looked around at the ashes falling onto his face. It looked like snow at first. He saw Jack laying a few feet away, unconscious on the ground. He kicked up onto his feet before skidding next to the man.


"Jack! JACK! Wake up!"


As he shook him, Jack made a groaning sound. Looking up at the male from under his mask which was cracked slightly.


"I'm...I'm awake..."

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