Water Pollution

This is a speech to explain water pollution, and how it can be stopped!


3. Paragraph 2

By littering, you are risking the lives of many diverse fresh water and sea creatures. Did you realise that marine biologists estimate that over 100 000 marine animals are killed by plastic every year? Some animals like turtles think that plastic bags are jellyfish, and therefore they eat them and they choke to death. Turtles are not the only victims. Floating debris and other man-made waste can affect dolphins, fish, crabs, sharks, whales, sea birds and crocodiles. Sea animals can become entangled in this litter which can cause strangulation and growth deformities. Like turtles the rubbish can be mistaken for food and eaten, causing blockages in the animals digestive tract and an excruciatingly painful death. Did you know that a whale was found dead near Cairns, Australia in August 2000? An autopsy was performed and do you know what they found? The poor whale's stomach was jam-packed with over six square meters of plastic rubbish including shopping bags, food packaging and plastic bottles. So sad!

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