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  • Published: 17 Jan 2018
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Shake up the romance, option 3. Literally wrote this on the deadline of the competition, but I ended up proud anyways. Hope you guys enjoy :)


3. 3


All of a sudden I was a household name in Jennifer’s house. We usually hung out three or two times a week, always doing homework on sunday and taking a weekday to relax and play videogames with her brother. I went to parties with the guys on fridays and hung out in Johnny’s basement on saturdays, also just playing videogames, and I had never been more content in my whole life.

The uneasy feeling had long since passed. I had met their parents and on sundays was greeted with lunch and soda. I fell in love with how I felt when I was at their house, and apparently, it wasn’t just a random coincidence.

Sam and Jennifer was closer than I had initially thought. Third time I came to their house she asked me if I wanted to play Mario Kart, and then she asked if I would mind if her brother played with us too. I hadn’t seen him since he helped me with my homework, and I was squeezed in between them as they had a sibling’s rival. We had to sit close, so that we could all see the television, but I could feel Jennifer’s arm against mine, and the right side of Sam’s body pressed flush against mine, and blushed so hard I had to excuse myself for a minute to get collected.

Now, sometimes when I came over, Jennifer would be in the middle of something, and Sam would just hang out with me. Once, we started a movie in his room while Jennifer showered and got dressed.. Sam was once again flush against my side, but this time there was no excuse for him to be, and I could feel how thick the tension was and was very aware of my own breathing. Then Jennifer silently crept in during the last ten minutes of the movie, and I felt relieve but, also, weirdly disappointed.

We were friends, all of us, and it was very normal for Jennifer and Amara to sit with all of us boys at lunch, and sometimes I would even see Sam in the hallway. He always lifted his hand in a wave or winked at me. It never failed to make me smile.

In the beginning of december Sam asked me to go to a party with him. It was a senior party, so there wouldn’t be that many people I would know, but there wasn’t space for me to invite someone too. I agreed to go nonetheless.

But I wasn’t used to drinking this much. Seniors partied harder than juniors, that was for sure. We played games, there were people dancing on the tables and I couldn’t hear what people said to me, because the music was way too loud.

I hadn’t expected Sam to hang out with me that much, knowing that this party was filled with his friends, but it was like he was glued to my side all evening. I met some of his friends, got their names, and then forgot them again. I dragged Sam out to dance with some girls and then we went to the kitchen to either get water or beer, I wasn’t sure. He just put a glass in my hand and pointed upstairs, to which I nodded.

I wanted a break, needed to go someplace where I could hear my own thoughts, and I wanted to have a real talk with someone, not just the shallow one’s when you first meet someone.

Sam dragged me into a room, closed the door and threw himself on the bed. I put my drink down and slowly sat down next to him.

“Man, what a party!” he exclaimed. “You’re having fun, right?”

“Yes,” I said without a doubt.

“That’s good.”

Sam wasn’t nearly as intoxicated as I was, so I stood up to open a window and inhale the fresh air. My mind felt much clearer now. I looked over at Sam, who was now sitting up, and I just looked at him, there, on the bed, smiling softly at me.

It just hit me right then and there. I think we both knew it, had probably known it for a while, and at this point in the evening it just felt inevitable that the night wouldn’t end like this.

Four steps forward, and as I leaned down I put my hand on his arm, and touched my lips to his. There was no going back now. As I had gotten to known Jennifer and Sam and their parents, I knew that I wanted these people to stay in my life for a long time, but this didn’t feel like a mistake or like something that would drive us away from each other.

I could feel him smile, and as he put his arms around my head and pulled me down on top of him on the bed, I couldn’t get myself to regret a single decision that had led me to where I was right now.

It was never supposed to have been me and Jennifer. I knew that now.

There was no doubt in my mind that things would change now, but I knew that they could only get better, when I had friends and family that loved me, and my lips on the lips of a boy I really liked.

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