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  • Published: 17 Jan 2018
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Shake up the romance, option 3. Literally wrote this on the deadline of the competition, but I ended up proud anyways. Hope you guys enjoy :)


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We weren’t even friends. I guess I just got lucky. I had seen her around school before, but since she was younger than me, she hadn’t been there for long. She was only a freshman, while I had just started my junior year of high school.

It was october and the leaves had started to turn orange and the weather was cold.

I always appreciated intimate groups of friends, people that I could trust and knew that I could count on. Everyone loves a good party, but when you’re drunk and your parents are very strict, it’s important that you have a friend who will let you sleep the away the hangover at his house.

We weren’t that many. Four of us had met our first year of high school, socially stunted and scared of the intimidating quarterbacks, who we later learned wouldn’t bother us as long as we didn’t do anything laugh-worthy. The last guy transferred last year. One of them had a girlfriend, who often sat with us at lunch, but other than that, we were just five guys who sat around poking at our food and praying that school would let us go early so we could go do something that was actually fun.

The break was almost over, and we stood outside, huddled against the cold, as three of the guys were smoking cigarettes behind the school building, when one of the boys',Johnny’s, girlfriend came over. And for once, she wasn’t alone.

That’s when I met her for the first time. She smiled brightly at all of us, and had a pink hue to her cheeks from the cold. She was wearing a beige coat and her hair was very blonde. I felt like I was having a stroke, but then she put a gloved hand up to tug at her hair and I had never wanted to introduce myself to someone as I wanted to do with her.

“Hi,” I said, stumbling a little as she looked me in the eyes. “I’m Noah.”

“Jennifer,” she answered and I stopped listening as the other’s introduced themselves. Then suddenly the bell was ringing, and we were scrambling to get inside quickly.

I couldn’t get her out of my head that night, and I couldn’t stop hoping I would see her again, but I didn’t know anything about her besides her name and the fact that she knew Violet, Johnny’s girlfriend. We didn’t venture much outside of our lunch table and the place behind the building where the boys smoked.

Suddenly there they were, at our lunch table, laughing and eating, and having a friendly conversation. It was like they had always belonged there, and I wasn’t sure if Amara was here because of her boyfriend or because of Jennifer, but either way I didn’t care.

We soon had a friendly banter running and only a few weeks went by before I finally felt brave enough to ask her if she wanted to hang out with me sometime after school. As we walked from lunch to class, I tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention. I suggested we could do homework together or if she wanted to get together to order some pizza and watch a movie.

She smiled tentatively at me and even though I really wanted it to be, so badly, she was younger than me and we hadn’t known each other for that long, so I said, “not a date, just two friends hanging out.”

She agreed and we made plans to meet that wednesday after school.

I felt giddy the rest of the day.

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