Antaryami ( The Indweller )

The Bliss and the sense of completeness we search lies within us. The barrier is ego between bliss and non-bliss. Shed the ego and realize the self.


1. Antaryami (The Indweller )

The Bliss we seek lies within;

the ego free intrinsic God consciousness

the divine spark the self

Antaryami- the light that leads, the power that aides.



The heart of a world in which all hearts are one,

the beat of stillness, throb of eternity,

a tranquility, an infinite bliss

the close communion- our connection to our true self.


The cosmic plan designed specific and perfect

where every life is considered and looked after,

an eternal interplay on the infinite field-the play ground for Him

creation His splendid show in myriad colors and forms.


Antaryami- the experience of world consciousness in each and all

that awakens our infinite potential,

pure consciousness experienced with the worlds within;

the wide world wrapped in wide self- universe the  expanded self.



A close identity with all-all beings embraced in myself;

connection between the center and the circumference

boundless love carried on measureless wings

the spiritual flight of joy imperishable.


" I have crossed the secret ways of life,

I have become the goal

I am the way, the God soul."


Antaryami- the essence and culmination of True Love!


Hey Antaryami !

" Thou art I, I am Thou,

knowing, knower, known as one! "

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