"I've killed before; what makes you think I wouldn't do it again?"

When Spencer is offered a chance at her own place, she jumps at it without a second thought about the previous owner's dark past. It isn't until four masked guys bang down the door to her new apartment and drag her off for a ransom that she's forced to face the consequences of someone else's choices, at the hands of NYC's most notorious gang. Can she convince them that they've made a mistake, before the darkness consumes her?

Growing up in foster homes on the wrong side of the city Justin Bieber has learned a thing or two about mistakes, and how to keep yourself from repeating them. It's simple really; you get rid of the problem, before it gets rid of you. So why can't he get himself to make this one go away?

"Nothing's completely good or bad, because one can't exist without the other - just like the dark needs the light to survive."

Are you ready for the darkness to take over?


1. Prologue

Faster. Run.

Another shot sounds in the forest, shattering the night silence into a million tiny pieces and fueling my fear.

I'm running faster than my legs can carry me. It's not enough. I need to go faster, deeper into the forest, where he won't find me.

I'm leaving blood trails in the forest bedding. My naked feet have been torn to pieces, sliced in every inch of the skin. With every step I take another stick or stone rips at the tender skin, and I have to fight the urge to fall to my knees and huddle up, have to remind myself what's at stake - what will happen if I do.

Another wind gust blows through the forest, rustling the leaves. The bone chilling air rattles me to my core. The thin fabric of the night gown holds nothing out. If I wasn't running for my life I would take notice of the blue shade that my skin has taken on.

I had no choice. I had to leave.

My lungs are crying out for oxygen, but there's nothing I can do about it.

If I stop now he'll find me. If he finds me, I'm done for. And if I give up like this, then what was it all worth?

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