Southern Gothic Book One

When vampires take over Forster House, Francine Clements decides to get rid of them before it's too late.


3. Southern Gothic-Part Two


Francine shuddered.

"I don't want to die", she said.

"Oh, dear! You're eager to deal with the vampires; you're eager to attack us. Unfortunately, you're too young to know what you're doing", Lady Catherine stated. She watched the horror on the teenager's face; she grinned. And she opened the large black doors. "Come inside!", she said.

And Francine did as she was ordered.


Francine saw that there was a red carpet. Six framed pictures were on the dark walls. She was concerned she would become a victim of the vampires. The gothic black chairs were in the spacious Dining Room; the other chairs were full of dust. "I don't want to be here", she said. Lady Catherine smiled. "You're here because you're like the other hunters. You kill those who feed at night; you can't stand the sight of blood. And yet you think we're the enemy". And Francine nodded, and hoped to God she would see out the long evening.


Francine shivered.

She gazed at the iron windows.

"It's not my time to die", she said.

"Death is sacred", Lady Catherine said. She grinned at her, and opened her mouth. Then she bit Francine three times in her neck with her fangs; she then saw the fresh blood spill downwards; she then collapsed onto the hard ground...and died before she could escape from the vampire's house.

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