Southern Gothic Book One

When vampires take over Forster House, Francine Clements decides to get rid of them before it's too late.


2. Southern Gothic-Part One


Francine stared at the gothic looking house.

She gripped the stake in her right hand. She was a vampire hunter now. She took a long, deep, breath; she walked towards the front door. Her black hair glistened in the shadows of the old church; her hazel eyes focused on the iron gates that were guarded by Old Peter, the caretaker.

She saw a dark mist coming towards her.

Francine turned around.

A tall woman grinned at the hunter.

"Welcome to Foster House. I'm Lady Catherine". Her face was deathly pale. She wore a red gown; she glided towards the front door. 

"I'm here to kill the vampires", Francine said.

"You can't kill us, child; you can't kill anyone". And she grinned, and showed her sharp fangs to her. Francine shivered. Then she screamed as the vampire headed towards the front door. Lady Catherine opened the front door, and went inside in the eternal gloom.


Francine saw a servant-girl holding some laundry.

She wore a black smock, and black boots on her small feet.

Her long, black hair, glistened in the room.

Her red eyes focused on the vampire hunter.

"I'm Daria, the servant".

"Francine. Lady Catherine is keeping me as a guest". She nodded. "A lot of hunters haven't made it past the next evening". She nodded. Then, as she saw a gothic looking bed in the middle of the room, she smiled at Francine, and bared her sharp vampire teeth.

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