Sirius' secret


1. Abby

Abby is a 15 year old girl. She has red hair and eyes that are bluish grey. She has pale skin covered in freckles and a long nose. She has a scar from the top of her right eye to where her nose starts.

"Hello, Sirius." Abby says happily. She just got out of her house, away from her parents.

"Hello, how did you get out, and did you bring clothes this time?" Sirius says in a loud whisper. "I am packed so that we could go to James' house."

"Yes I am packed, and I got out by climbing through the window, my mother forgot to lock it." I replied "Is James and his parents nice or are they like my parents and your parents and brother?"

"They are nice as could be and if they ever harm you purposely I will never talk to them again." Sirius said with a smirk. "Well lets go then."

They walked to James' house. They arrived around three hours later. "Sirius are you sure we shouldn't wait until morning, it's almost 1:00 in the morning." Abby said looking at her watch.

"Yes, they will happily take us in." Sirius said with a smile.

They nocked on the door. They heard a few thumps and someone saying who it could be when the door opened.

"H-hello Mr. Potter." Abby said flinching when James dad yelled for James.

"Hello Sirius, and you are..." the man said looking to Abby.

"I'm Abby, Abby Harris." Abby said with a forced smile.

"Well nice to meet you Abby, I'm Richard, James dad." The man said putting his hand out to shake Abby's.

Abby flinched at the action but then took Richards shaking his hand.

A boy with messy black hair and round glasses came to the door yelling Sirius.

Hey James I have someone for you to meet."

Sirius said motioning towards Abby.

"Well come in and we could meet!" James said with a smile.

The three walked into James room and sat down on the bed. The room was decorated in red a yellow and what looked to be people on brooms.

"This is Abby" Sirius said pointing towards Abby with a smile "She is a friend of mine who too has awful parents."

"Hello Abby I am James Potter, the best person in the world." James said with a laugh.

They all introduced them selfs and they fell asleep soon after that.


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