The Fifth Marauder

Hope you like this. This is my first story on here. If I have any mistakes please let me know.


2. Transformation

We sat in the common room, it was a sunny Saturday morning we were all exhausted and forgot about our homework. Well, Remus and I had already finished it.

James stood up on a small table and shouted quietly so only we could hear. "I have something to say! I know that we've known each other for a year now and I need to tell you guys something... Sam and Remus are werewolves."

"James!" I screamed and pulled him down by his ear. "Your an idiot! Just because we're twins doesn't mean you can tell everyone my secrets! Wait... Did you say... Remus too?"

James nodded and pulled his ear out of my grip and rubbed it. I wondered about what he said and thought, if he is a werewolf... and I am a werewolf then how did we not know? I imagined what would have happened and shivered. I hated thinking about werewolves.

Remus walked up to me and whispered in my ear "Full moon in four hours. Be prepared" I groaned and put my head on the table. I was tired and every inch of my body hurt. James tried to comfort me but his hand touching my back just caused more pain. I winced and told him that I'll be fine.

Three and a half hours later... James, Sirius and Peter helped me and Remus down to the whomping willow. We slipped into the hole in between two of the giant roots of the tree. Me and Remus began to transform painfully, we screamed as our bones cracked and our skin stretched tightly around our bodies. It was always a horrible experience as the wolf in us took over.

I stared at Remus growling, he growled back and snapped at me. I jumped on him and attacked him angrily as we both screamed and howled. After a while James and Sirius distracted us so no more blood was shed. We panted tiredly and finally fell asleep.

Remus and I walked slowly down to the Hospital Wing silently and barely talked as Madame Pomfrey bandaged our bite marks and. scratches. We walked quietly again but after awhile I broke the silence.

"I wonder what happened last night"

Remus stopped for a second and hesitated then replied "I don't want to talk about that right now" Then looked down and walked away quickly.

A/N: What's up with Remus? Find out in the next chapter. I'm sorry this chapter was so short, I'll make the next one longer.

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