The Fifth Marauder

Hope you like this. This is my first story on here. If I have any mistakes please let me know.


3. Silent Treatment

We sat at the table barley eating anything and just sitting there. I looked up at Remus sadly, but he pretended he didn't see me and looked away. I turned over to James and whispered "What's up with Remus"

James shrugged and Sirius stood behind me silently "Hey lovely" I rolled my eyes as James yelled at him.

"She's my sister!"

Sirius shrugged and ran before James could pull out his wand. I laughed and looked back where Remus was seated but he was gone.

I walked up to the common room angrily and yelled at the portrait.

"Fizzing Whizzbees!" The portait gave me a dirty look then before it swung open it said

"How rude! I don't get any respect around here!"

"Ah shut up"

I stormed over to Remus and screamed at him "Talk to me! What did I do to make you so mad??!" He ignored me and left.

I groaned and grabbed him by the collar of his robe


stared at him and saw James staring at me. James tugged Remus out of my grip and whispered to me "Are you CRAZY? Quit it!"

James covered his mouth quickly noticing what he had just said. Then he looked back at me and gasped "wait... did you tell him?"

Lily approached me and bit her lip "James is a cow don't listen to him" I nodded as I slipped my Pyjamas on and crawled into bed sleepily. She sighed and went down to the common room to talk to him.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of someone yelling. I rubbed my eyes and quickly got dressed, then ran downstairs to see what was going on.

"James! You can't tell him about that! She's your sister and I'm sure that when she's ready she'll tell him!" Lily screamed.

"Well I think he had the right to know! Right now!" He turned to Remus and yelled "Hey Moony! My sister has a crush on you!"

Remus looked down at his book quickly hiding his face. James turned around smiling when he suddenly noticed me. I looked at him madly but then walked over to Remus.

"Sorry about my big mouthed brother. And... um... The stuff he said was...True" he looked up at me and walked away.

"I kind of... like you too"

"Hey James!" Sirius yelled "Looks like Moony is going to be your brother in law. I grabbed the book out of Remus' hands and chucked it at Sirius' head I laughed and crossed my arms.

"Think before you talk padfoot!"

I looked back at Remus and he walked over to pick up his book. I apologized then suddenly, he kissed me.

"Ooooh!" I heard people say around the room. I blushed and walked out of the room to get breakfast,Pulling Remus with me. I held his hand gently and walked down the hall blushing.

"I'm sorry." Remus apologized but I smiled and replied "It's fine. Your a good kisser Moony".

"Not so bad yourself Howler" He blushed and walked down the hall swiftly.

A/N: Skipping to year three I'm gonna add another transformation but this time it'll be longer.

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