The Fifth Marauder

Hope you like this. This is my first story on here. If I have any mistakes please let me know.


4. Another Year

We all piled into the compartment slowly, The night before was the full moon. Remus and I had a collection of new scars and were both pale and tired. I yawned and put my head against the wall when suddenly someone shouted:

"Hey Snivellus! Ever heard of a shower?" I rolled my eyes as Sirius and James walked into the compartment laughing. Sirius looked over at me and winked.

"How was your summer love?" I shot him a dirty look and said "Fine I guess. And don't call me love" Sirius saw the anger in my eyes and quickly sat down, he looked down at the floor and snickered. When we arrived at Hogwarts the new students were sorted and we quickly ate our food.

A/N sorry I haven't updated in a long time, I've been so busy. Anyways, enjoy!

A few months later...

"Get back here you greasy freak!" Sirius screamed as him and James ran after him " Give us back that book!"

Snape snickered and ran away as I rolled my eyes and turned back over to Remus.

"Remus, remind me again.... Why are we still friends with them?" I laughed as he shrugged. We ran down the hall shoving students out of our way.

A:N: Sorry I haven't updated for a long time, I've been really busy with school so it might be awhile until I update again.

"Remus! Come on we have to go!"

"Hold on I need to finish my assignment"

"What's your assignment to kill people?"

"I''m coming"

We rushed down the hall and along the pathway to the whomping willow. Sirius Peter Remus and James followed.

"Hurry up!" Remus and I yelled at the others as they slowly walked.

"Come on... we're tired" James whined

"Well not as tired as Remus and I will be tomorrow!" I replied angrily to James. That seemed to make them move faster. Before I got down to the Whomping Willow I fell onto the ground painfully. Remus had already gotten down the passage and was probably in the Shrieking shack already.

"Sam!!!" James yelled as the moon started to rise and I screamed. James jumped back and pushed Sirius and Peter into the ground as he turned into a stag. I heard Remus's screams echo and then they suddenly turns to a growl.

I struggled and tried to crawl into the whomping willow but one of its branches smacked into my side. I screamed again and started my transformation. While I was in my wolf form I was still injured it must have been really bad. I limped around and felt a horrible pain on my side. I fell down again and whined.

James ran up to me and I growled as I tried to get up but fell down. He looked at me and Remus had gotten out. James and Sirius were distracting him as I lied on the ground.

James rammed his horns into Remus' side and he fell over bleeding. I growled and tried to bite James' leg but he pulled away and kicked my head. I passed out and the next ting I knew it was morning and I was in the hospital wing.

"What happened..." I said as I tried I move but a pain in my side stopped me.

"Don't you dare move!" A voice shrieked at me I opened my eyes and saw Madam Pomphrey standing between mine and Remus' beds and bandaging our wounds. I looked over at Remus he was still sleeping and Suddenly my head was hurting I looked into a mirror beside the bed and a hoof mark was on my forehead.

"Ugh. James will pay for that" I muttered and got it bandaged.

Remus woke up and looked around the room still half asleep. He looked at me and said tiredly

"You look terrible"

"Same to you"

He smiled and sat up.

"When are we getting out of here?"

Madam Pomphrey replied "You can leave tonight but she has to stay for two weeks"

"Two weeks!!!" I replied angrily "but I have an exam soon!!"

"Well too bad! You're going to have to wait until you get out"

I groaned as Remus sat up and looked at me with sympathy.

"See you tonight then" he said and waved before leaving

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