Fandom Song Parodies

A collection of song parodies for a variety of fandoms.


3. Let Us Solve - Professor Layton

A Professor Layton themed parody of Let It Snow by Dean Martin




Oh, the weather outside is frightful

But these puzzles are so insightful

So take out your charged DS,
Let us solve, let us solve, let us solve

There's plenty of time for solving,
And the weather is just evolving
So get out your DSI
Let us solve, let us solve

We will play until morning light 
This game seems to have no end in sight
But to us it is a delight 
This fine puzzle wonderland 

We shall journey with Layton and friends 
As the game narrative transcends 
Decoding mysteries until the end
Let us solve, let us solve, and solve

When the console suddenly dies 
We'll only keep begging for much more
Instead of these darkening skies 
All we want are just riddles 

With all these hint coins just a-gleaming 
And puzzles that's surely scheming 
As long as we have a handheld,
Let us solve, let us solve, let us solve

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