One-shot drunk Fire Dragon Slayer

I watch the girls getting drunk but all I find on the one about Natsu is just telling Lucy everything about how he in love with her and stuff, but I did find a comic about the boys getting drunk it was lol so I wanted to try.


1. What Type of Drunk is Natsu?

Lucy pov:

We was taking a day off from work I looked over at the table that Cana and Natsu was sitting at it looked like Cana was taking bets again, I walked over there to see what people was betting on this time "hey guys" I greeted them when I got to the table siting down "hey wanted to make a bet" Cana asked as the rested greeted me. "What the bet anyway" I asked "there two one who can out drink who and the second one is what type of drunk Natsu going to be" Levy told me placing a bet "wait you mean you don't know what type of drunk Natsu is" I asked shocked I mean everyone knows what type of drunk everyone is... now that I think about it I haven't even seen Natsu drink beer. "Yep this be his first time drinking" Levy told me as everyone nodded I looked over at Natsu who was staring at the beer poking the glasses, "Natsu how come you never drink before" I asked him he looked up at me and shrugged "I don't know just never thought about it plus I didn't want to look like an idiot" he told me scoffing in the end hmm guess he has a point the boys wont let us drink at least not when there around. "Flame brain was just too scared" Gray laughed making Natsu growl "was not I just didn't was to act like a cry baby like you ice princess" Natsu smirked when he saw he made Gray mad "so why are you doing it now" I asked before they could start fighting but that's when Ezra spoke up "Gray bet him he wouldn't" she told me I understood right away, "OK bets are done and time to drink" Cana told us getting ready but Natsu looks a little uneasy yet he still drink it along with Cana but I don't think he like the taste. After three cups of beer he stop and look unfocused telling us he was drunk "Natsu" I asked he just slowly blinked then all of a sudden he stood up punching Gray then caught on fire letting a loud roar out I knew this was a bad idea, "ow why did you do that Natsu" Gray complained getting up looking really mad but Natsu punch him again "its Lord Natsu ice peasant" Natsu told him making his fire look like a cape on him with a fire crown. "Ok...Lord Natsu want another sip" Cana asked is she for real I don't know if giving him more is a good idea even know he really funny, "I thank you peasant" he told her taking a sip..wait what with the peasant thing. As soon as he tasted it he spit it out with a frown then he engulf in flames "this is poison you tried to poison your king that's treason" he yelled trying to burn the beer only for it to catch on fire making him even more annoyed that he couldn't burn the so called poison. We bust out laughing but we stop when he started throwing fire at all the barrels of beer and catching everything on fire, we tried to stop him but even Ezra couldn't stop him saying we are all traitors and we were trying to kill him. "Natsu stop your going to burn down the guild" I told him but he just picked me up bridal style and held me over his head "you wont trick me with your sexy ways princes" he told me not letting me down but the fire never got close enough to burn me thankful. He still running around burning down the places but he did let me down before going to burn some more so called poison catching more things on fire he can't seem to understand that fire and beer don't mix well, that's it I have no choices I ran into the kitchen and plunge my key into the sink then yelled"gate of the water bearer I open thee Aquarius". "I know you didn't just summon me in a sink" she yelled at me I knew she be mad "kill me later I need you to stop that flaming ball of fire" I told her pointing at Natsu who really looked like a ball of fire, with a big huff she made a big wave putting the fire out along with drowning all of us. "No one can stop The Fire Dragon Lord Natsu" Natsu yelled catching on fire again evaporating all the water "what" I heard a couple people yell I was thinking same thing how can Natsu be this powerful he never been this powerful "he using the most powerful magic he got the emotion flame" Master told us walking in, "why is he using that he only dose that when he against an enemy" Gray told him "he thinks he is against an enemy" Levy told us it true he keep saying we tried to kill him. "Master he burning the places down how are we going to stop him" Ezra asked but the master just sighed "we can't we have to wait until he passes out...he not that good holding his beer" Master told us, "dose that mean he got drunk before" I asked "yea when he was younger he want to see what was in the barrels but fell in looking and got a couple big gulps in since he couldn't swim back then he freak out a little until I came back and got him out everyone else was out. By the time I got him out he was already drunk the brat turn into a walking fire ball and tried to burn the beer saying it was trying to drown him or something, thankful he taped out but not before catching all the beer on fire almost burning down the building" Master told us wow even when he was a kid he acted the same. We couldn't do anything other then put the fires out and wait for Natsu to pass out after about 30 minutes he finely did but not before lighting all the beer barrels and any cups with beer on fire leaving no beer to drink and the guild had to be fix but not as bad as It normally is, everyone got back to the guild right before Natsu passed out where Master forbid anyone from giving Natsu beer saying he too dangers and expensive then start crying about how much money Natsu cost him since he joined there family. After everything was fixed up the best we could do Natsu started waking up "huh what happen and why dose my head hurt" he asked getting up and looking around rubbing his head to help the hangover coming on, "you almost bu-nothing happen just a brawl got a little too rough and you got knocked out that's why your head hurts" Gray was telling Natsu what happen when all of a sudden Master stop him and told Natsu a fake story that Natsu believed. Natsu laid his head on a table hiding his head in his scarf only his pink hair sticky out after a few minutes we could hear soft snoring, "we cant tell him what happen he wont be able to forgive himself it better he don't know he doesn't even think about beer anyway" Master told us he has a point Natsu would blame himself if he was being controlled so of course he would blame himself for this too. We agreed to never tell him an he forgot all about the bet and dare when he woke up and haven't even thought about drinking, we don't have to worry about Cana trying to get him to drink either because it took a week to get more beer which she took that the hardest out of all of us.                            

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