House Guests

Autumn Eaves is moving from Sydney to Cali. She is not at all ready with her dyed hair, tattoos, piercings, and the fact shes emo. She really just wants to see her brother, Riker, and her dad.

Then, she finds out Riker's friends, who turn out to be 5 Seconds Of Summer, are staying with them for 2 months. What will she do with the fact her favorite band, and crush-Ashton- is staying with them. Or maybe one room down?

Will it be a short-time crush, or will someone else steal her heart?


8. 6~Avoiding

Ashton's POV:

Once Autumn and Michael walked out the room, Riker, Luke, and Calum looked at me.

"How long?" Riker semi-yelled.

"What?" I asked.


"Not long. Since like 4 hours ago when we talked. Calm the fuck down." I answered. You could see steam coming out of his ears. He stormed out my room, and seconds later I heard a pounding. 

"Good luck Autumn." I mumbled before I looked at Luke and Calum.


Autumn's POV:

Michael and I were talking when someone started pounding on my door.

Michael and I looked at each other before saying, "Riker." at the same time.

"OPEN THE DOOR, AUTUMN!" Riker yelled. I slowly crept towards the door and unlocked it. The door instantly shot open, and I'm lucky I moved out the way.

"Yesssss?" I asked shyly.

"WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL? WHY DO YOU DO THAT?" he yelled at me. He has no idea how to approach a depressed person.

"When I was in Sydney, I got diagnosed with Clinical Depression. I was and still is seriously messed up. But that's not the point." I rambled. Slowly, the other 3 boys walked in my room.

"Dying my hair, getting all these tattoos and piercings, being called "emo." That's why I cut. I get so much hate. Hell, I get hate for fucking showing my face in Sydney. It sucked dick, let me tell you. So yeah, I'm messed up, but I don't need you," I said, looking at Luke, Calum, and Riker, "to yell at me about. Or Ashton. Guys, what he goes through sucks. People hate on him everyday, and all ya'll wanna do is yell. But what ya'll need to do is listen, because that's what I do. I listen more than I speak, and I can guarantee Ash does it too. So listen to us next time, because we only explain once." I explained, taking in a deep breath.

"I'm sorry." Luke, Calum, and Riker said.

"Thank you." I answered. I looked at Michael, and he got up ad ushered everyone but Ashton out the room.

"Hey." I said, barley audible. I then was tackled by a hug.

"Thank you." Ashton whispered in my hair. I pulled away and looked him in his eyes.

"No problem." I answered. I saw his eyes move from my eyes to my mouth. He then leaned in, and I followed suite. Then, his soft lips were on mine.

GUYS THEY KISSED! YAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAY!!!!! did yall want that to happen. What do think is coming next? comment and like.


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