House Guests

Autumn Eaves is moving from Sydney to Cali. She is not at all ready with her dyed hair, tattoos, piercings, and the fact shes emo. She really just wants to see her brother, Riker, and her dad.

Then, she finds out Riker's friends, who turn out to be 5 Seconds Of Summer, are staying with them for 2 months. What will she do with the fact her favorite band, and crush-Ashton- is staying with them. Or maybe one room down?

Will it be a short-time crush, or will someone else steal her heart?


7. 5~Waking Up

Autum's POV:

I woke up in Ashton's arms. I smiled. I remember earlier that day, and how he made me feel safe, loved. I didn't want to move, so I didn't. I feel right back asleep. I was then awoken by a scream.

"WHAT IN THE LIVING HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE?" Riker yelled. Ashton and I both shot up. Luckily I had my bracelets on. Thank god I had my bracelets on.

"Nothing Rike." I said annoyed. He just woke me up from a peaceful sleep. The most peaceful sleep I've had in a long time.

"Something is obviously going on. He," he said, pointing at Ashton, "is shirtless."

"And that's because when we took a NAP, he was shirtless. I mean, seriously Riker, you woke him up yelling at him for self-harming." I said, sending a death glare to Luke. He opened his mouth, then closed it.

"Don't say a word. Not you, Luke, Calum, or Michael. You have no idea what the fuck he goes through." I yelled. I was extremely pissed off.

"And you do?" Michael questioned.

"Yeah! Yeah, I do! I know what the fuck he goes through!" I yelled before I could stop myself. I saw all of them imeditatively snap their heads toward me.

"What?" Calum asked. I guess I have to come clean.

"Look." I whispered as I held out my arm.

"Autumn, you don't have to do this." Ashton whispered so just I could hear. All I did was shake my head. Riker ran up to me and yanked my sleeve up. Noticing I had bracelets, he looked at me. They all did. He then took them of one by one, and I heard 4 gasps. I looked up to Riker rubbing his thumb up and down my arm, Luke looking like he was going to faint, Michael looking at me, and Calum staring at my arm.

"Come here." Michael said. Not Riker, but Michael. I got up and walked to my room, Michael right behind me. Once he walked in, he shut and locked my door. I sat on my bed, then felt it dip down. He grabbed my arm, and then he kissed it. He kissed every single word, cut, and burn.

"You don't need to do this. You don't need to listen to Welcome To My Life and think 'I can relate.' You have me now, and I'm not going anywhere. I promise." Michael told me. Then, Welcome To My Life by Simple Plan came on. I let out a weak chuckle and looked him in his emerald green eyes.

"Really?" I asked.

"Really." he answered, and I smiled. I had a friend now, someone I could trust.


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