House Guests

Autumn Eaves is moving from Sydney to Cali. She is not at all ready with her dyed hair, tattoos, piercings, and the fact shes emo. She really just wants to see her brother, Riker, and her dad.

Then, she finds out Riker's friends, who turn out to be 5 Seconds Of Summer, are staying with them for 2 months. What will she do with the fact her favorite band, and crush-Ashton- is staying with them. Or maybe one room down?

Will it be a short-time crush, or will someone else steal her heart?


2. 2~Settling In

I could not believe I was staying in the same house as my favorite band. Let me tell you, I was beyond pissed at Riker, and he had no clue why. I walked up to my room and started unpacking. Hanging up posters and flags, I was done within 2 and a half hours. I then got a text,

Rike the BITCH: Hey, come downstairs.


I walked down the stairs and walked in the living room to find 5 guys yelling at each other. I was attacked with a mix of things, the smell of sweaty guys, food, and them saying 'DAMMIT LUKE!' or "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH YOU SONS OF BITCHES!" I just gave up there. I walked up and sat in between Rikers legs.

"You needed me?" I asked, ready to leave.

"Yeah. Guys. Guys. GUYS, GOD DAMMIT! PAUSE THE MOTHERFUCKING GAME!" he ended up screeching. All 4 of them turned and looked at him with wide eyes.

"Damn, Rike." I told him. He just nodded his head.

"Hey, do I hear a thick, Australian accent?" Calum asked.

"Yes, yes you do. Born and raised in Sydney." I said with a smile on my face.

"Cool. Did you know we were from there? Well, except Ash over here. He's from Melbourne." Luke said. Yes, Luke, I know almost everything about ya'll, and Ashton, because I am practically IN LOVE WITH HIM. I didn't say that out loud though.

"Really? Cool." Is what I said. Then I felt a poke at my side. I looked at Riker, and he had a smile on his face. I then punched him in the leg. He looked down at me, gasped, then picked up a pillow and hit me with it.

"O, NO YOU DON'T!" I yelled. I grabbed a pillow, and soon Riker and I were in a full out pillow war. We both had a few blows to the face, but in the end, we were laughing.

"What. The. Actual. Fuck." Ashton said.

What did we just witness?" asked Michael. Luke and Calum were looking at us like we were insane. I just chuckled to myself and sat down on the carpet again.

"What'ya playing?" I asked.

"FIFA." said Riker.

"HELL YES! THAT'S MY SHIT. YALL GOING DOWN!" I yelled and grabbed the controller from Riker. He shrugged it off and went in the kitchen. That's when our FIFA war began. We played 10 rounds, me winning 4, Michael winning 2, Calum winning 3, and Ashton winning 1. Luke didn't win any, because, well, he sucked.

"You are really good, Autumn." Ashton said to me as we were walking up the stairs.

"Thanks. You too." I said.

"Nah, Not really. But, I'll see you in the morning." he said.

"M'k." I replied, watching him walk in the next room over. I practically sprinted in my room, shut the doors, and closed my eyes. My all time crush in bunking right next to me. Great. And with that on my mind, and Fly Away by 5SOS playing from my speakers, I slowly drifted to sleep.

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