House Guests

Autumn Eaves is moving from Sydney to Cali. She is not at all ready with her dyed hair, tattoos, piercings, and the fact shes emo. She really just wants to see her brother, Riker, and her dad.

Then, she finds out Riker's friends, who turn out to be 5 Seconds Of Summer, are staying with them for 2 months. What will she do with the fact her favorite band, and crush-Ashton- is staying with them. Or maybe one room down?

Will it be a short-time crush, or will someone else steal her heart?


13. 11~School

Autumn's POV:

*skip to first day of school*

I woke up to my alarm. I turned my self over and turned it off. I rolled out of bed, like legit rolled out of bed. I hit the ground with a thud and I groaned. I pulled myself up and trudged my way to my closet. I was about to pick out my outfit, but then had to text Riker.

​Can I wear sleeveless shirts to EA?

He didn't respond so I decided to go shower. I hoped out maybe 10 minutes later, put on my makeup, and brushed my teeth. I didn't bother with my hair because I had no idea what to do with it. I looked at my phone and saw Riker texted back.

Yeah. Just no open-toe shoes and no things showing cleavage:)

I sighed at my phone. I walked to my closet and looked through it. I decided on a sleeveless Green Day shirt with a few holes in it, ripped black skinny jeans, my combat boots, and my black beanie. I also tied Ashton's red flannel around my waist. I smiled as I put it on because of out memories. The last few days have been awesome with him. I went through the memories as I brushed my hair and fixed my beanie. I looked at myself in the mirror one more time, putting my bracelets on. I really hoped people wouldn't flip shit about my appearance. I walked out of my room with my book sack, keys, portable charger, wallet, and whatever else I needed for school. I walked into the kitchen with everyone but Michael awake. Of course he wasn't awake. If this house blew up and went up into flames, he would still be asleep.

"Hey guys." I said as I sat down. They all replied with a 'hey' and Ashton looked at me sweetly. I hated that we weren't aloud to date. We had to hide it from everyone. I smiled at him and walked to the fridge. I was about to get a Corona but then remembered the law. In America, you had to be 21 or older to drink. I sighed and closed the fridge.

"Bye guys." I said as I walked out the door. I plugged in my AUX cord and started playing Twenty One Pilots. After maybe 20 minutes, I pulled up to school. I got out of my car, locked it, and walked in the building. Immediately people stared. I looked around to find someone who looked nice. I ended up finding some one with bright red hair. I walked up to them and taped them on the shoulder.

"Hi. I'm Autumn and I'm new. Do you mind showing me where the office is?" I asked. I looked her in the eyes and actually got lost. Her eyes were a beautiful bright blue.

"Hi, I'm Lily. Yeah, I'll show you around." she said as she started walking away. I rushed to her and once I got to her, started walking in her pace.

"Are you from America? You don't sound American." she asked.

"Nah, I'm from Australia." I replied.

"Cool. We should exchange numbers. You seem cool." she said. I nodded and we swapped numbers. We had small talk until we got to the office. 

"I'll wait for you." she said. I nodded as I walked to the front desk.

"Hi, I'm Autumn Eaves. I'm new and I need my schedule." I said to the lady behind the desk. She looked me up and down, and anyone could see the judgement in her eyes. She shook her head and started looking through files. She pulled one out and handed to me without saying a word. I nodded my head at her and turned around. I sprint-walked back to Lily.

"She was judging me so hard, Lily!" I whispered at her.

"It's because you look bad-ass." she said while she looked over my schedule.

"We have 1st, 2nd, and 4th together. So pretty much everything but P.E." she stated. I closed my eyes. I hated P.E. I hated it because I was athletic, but people still found a way to make fun of me. We continued walking until we got to the door. I took a deep breath and walked in. Everyone, and I mean everyone, stared at me as I walked up to the teacher. He looked at the tattoos running up and down my arms, then he looked at all my piercings, then at my hair, then he looked in my eyes. 

"You must be Autumn." he said.

"Yeah." I replied curtly. I could feel everyone's eyes burning through me and I hated it.

"Tell us a bit about yourself." he said. I turned around and looked at Lily. She gave me a small thumbs up. I nodded.

"Let's see. My name is Autumn, I'm from Sydney, Australia, and I have a brother I live with now. I think he went here last year." I said.

"Who's your brother?" some girl asked.

"Riker." I answered.

"Riker Smith?" she asked, yet again.

"Yes, Riker Smith." I answered.

"No way. No way. He was so hot, and your just... so not." she said with smart-ass tone of voice. I just sighed and sat down. That right there, that was the rest of my day. When school was over, I got in my car and cried the whole way home. I walked in the door and sadly, the guys were laughing in the living room. Luke was the first to see me.

"Autumn?" he asked. That made them all look at me. Mike and Ashton got up at the same time, while Riker was already to me. I shook out of his grip and went upstairs. I went in my room and locked the door. I didn't bother changing, I just curled up under my covers. I cried and cried, wondering. I wondered why people hate me so much. The best part of my day was meeting Lily. I actually fell asleep crying. Well, that and all the guys banging on my door and yelling at me to open it.


How do you like the chapter? I took me forever to write. Imma try to make them all longer tho. Just wanted to say that. bye.

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